Market analysis on September 23: How long is it from a large-scale air strike?

I am afraid that most of the people in the market are disappointed, including us. We expected to choose the direction within two or three days, but we can see that the BTC is still in the disk, still in the convergence triangle, and really control the main force. The ability is convincing, but we still do not intend to change our view. We still look at the medium-term adjustment. The current convergence triangle has been running for three months. We believe that once it falls below the lower rail support of the triangle, the rate of decline will be very fast, and the market will definitely Brought by the BTC, it hasn't started yet, it may be time to give the oversold rebound, and now it's basically the same.


The BTC is still oscillating around 10,000 US dollars, still insisting on the rhythm of the mid-term adjustment, and the two sides will usher in a crucial moment in the next few days. It is also a result of the above and below, and now it may be a super The rebound and rebound time, and now the oversold rebound is almost over. The target has led the market to the bottom and is beginning to begin. Now BTC has come to the end of the convergence triangle, and generally will go to the triangle in a weaker situation. At the end, I choose the direction. I personally prefer to go down and continue to complete the medium-term adjustment space.


Simply looking at the trend of ETH is actually OK. After making a W-break, it will break through. At the moment of the stepping back, it has not broken below 10 antennas. The volume can also be matched. At present, the adjustment is not large. However, the biggest risk of the target is now in the BTC. Once the BTC breaks down, it will not work well. It is not ruled out that the target will be twice higher, but my personal tendency to rebound with the oversold has basically ended. Will not break through the strong pressure of 220 US dollars, we should still focus on risk prevention.


The EOS volume and price match is not ideal. At present, it has fallen below 10 antennas. The chips have begun to show a certain degree of looseness. The oversold rebound has begun to waver. The military is unstable and it is difficult to have a consistent market. At present, the target is still at 20 antennas. Above the support line of 3.7 dollars, observe whether it can stabilize and rise again. People think that hope is not big, and should be alert to the resonance drop that occurs at any time.

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