Shenma Mining Machine Yang Zuoxing: Bitcoin will rise to 1 million US dollars, mining giants face the challenge of “decentralization”

On the 22nd, the coin-printing pool held the 2019 New Era Mining Summit in Chengdu. At 2 pm, the founder of Shenma Mining Machine, Yang Zuoxing, appeared.

As soon as he arrived on the stage, a series of cheers sounded from the stage. Undoubtedly, he was the star that had been long-awaited for the whole day. Yang Zuoxing is also unsatisfied. His voice is bright and he has a bit of bitcoin at the beginning.

He believes that the biggest value of Bitcoin is equivalent to gold that is easy to carry. "Everyone has savings, maybe in the house, or in the bank. Those things you think are yours, but in some cases they are not yours. Only Bitcoin is yours, it is yours."

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▲ Yang Zuoxing is giving a speech

Next, he boldly predicted that Bitcoin would eventually reach $1 million. A string of cheers sounded again under the stage. A mobile phone was held high, and the $1 million rhetoric on PPT and Yang Zuoxing were fixed in the picture, and then appeared in the friends circle of the miners.

At the end of the speech, Yang Zuoxing deeply bowed to the attendees. He said that today is to apologize for everyone, because the capacity of Shenma mining machine will be alleviated in late October. Originally, there should be one supply, two supply and three supply in the supply chain, but there is only one supply for Shenma mining machine in the wafer supply chain. At present, the Shenma mining machine has shipped more than 100,000 units, and it should be able to reach about 200,000 units at the end of September.

Shenma mining machine, the English name is "WhatsMiner", quite a personality. Founder Yang Zuoxing is a high-profile student of the Department of Engineering Nuclear Physics of Tsinghua University. He entered the mining circle in 2014, and Xiaoqiang Mining Machinery is his first mining machine. A few months later, he left the Xiaoqiang mining machine and invested 500,000 yuan to start a business. Unfortunately, he caught up with the bitcoin price and went down.

After that, he joined the roasting cat team Bitquan and developed the mining machine chip with a full custom method. Unfortunately, the price of the coin continued to drop to around 900 yuan, and the roast cat failed to support all aspects of the pressure and “disappeared”.

In 2015, Yang Zuoxing successively developed S7 and S9 mining machine chips for Bitland. The excellent performance of the mining machine and the industry's rising period have laid the absolute position of Bitland in the mining machine manufacturers. S9 is a generation. God machine, this series is still the backbone of Bitcoin mining.

In 2016, he founded Bit Micro, specializing in bitcoin mining chips, and the product is Shenma Mining.

Yang Zuoxing's ability in the field of chips is obvious to all. This also makes Shenma mining machine a "dark horse". From M1, M3 to M10, Shenma mining machine, which is famous for its cost performance and stability, has gradually gained market recognition.

In 2019, bitcoin prices went from cold winter to warm winter. On May 19th, Bit Micro officially released five bitcoin mining machines in Chengdu, all using Samsung 8nm chips. Among them, Shenma M20 series bitcoin mining machine computing power up to 68T, power consumption than 48W / T, which is called AK47 by miners, fighters in high-power mining machines. According to miners, the new S17Pro is also slightly inferior to the Shenma M20s.

On the 22nd, regarding the shipment of Shenma mining machine, about the mining machine research and development, Babbitt and the industry media interviewed Yang Zuoxing, he believes that a company has a strong correlation with the style of the founder from the beginning to the outstanding, and He is more like Jobs, this is a unique style, will continue to fight in the first line, and currently the company has 80 employees, he hopes to be the ultimate.

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▲ Yang Zuoxing was interviewed by the media

The following is part of the conversation.

Question 1. How do you compare the market share with Bit China?

There is no too quantitative data. Starting from S7, there is a unique show in the Bitland. In 19 years, there has been a change. The Shenma and the core are slowly rising, and the bit mainland share will decline. This is a good thing. We say that decentralization is important. It is the decentralization of mining machine production.

We didn't have much sales in March-April, we started bulk shipments in July. (The market has recently increased its 30E computing power, and Yang Zuoxing said that the Shenma mining machine contributed 30%-40%.)

Question 2: Is it better to mine or buy coins?

Low investment is the best. For example, if you buy S9 in March, you won't buy it. When everyone buys you to buy, why do you earn more than everyone?

The current stage of investing in mining machines depends on how you look at the future. Now there is a halving of expectations, the world is more turbulent, and the value of Bitcoin with stored value is more obvious. From this point of view, it is better to buy it when it is not particularly hot.

Question 3. How do you see the development of mining machines?

We found that the 5nm, 7nm, 8nm chip era, the benefits of advanced chips are less and less obvious, because the chip development to this stage, 7nm advantage is not obvious (Shenma's latest mining machine is 8nm chip, bitland has 7nm chip mine machine). The basic principle says that the process is improved by half and the design is improved by half, so that there is a 20% benefit. In addition, Yang Zuoxing said on the same day that the mining industry is about to enter a new era. The era of a new generation of mining machine power consumption is half gone. In the future, the power consumption reduction rate of each generation of mining machines can only reach 10%-20 %. Among them, the process brings a 5%-10% increase, and the design optimization increases by 5-10%. The service life of the mining machine will be extended to 4.5 years.

The mining machine has two main indicators, namely the cost per T mine and the power consumption per T. Power consumption can be reduced, but the cost will increase. At present, we will find a compromise point. The ratio of power consumption reduction is equivalent to the cost reduction ratio. This is our concept, a balanced mode.

Question 4. How do you see the development of the industry?

When the revolutionary technology just came out, the industry will change a lot, causing a big threshold. Later, everyone will learn. There will be a trend of leveling in the world. It is no longer a good idea to eat all over the sky.

No one can guarantee that the pattern will continue to change. The mining machine manufacturers are all in full bloom, and the rise of Shenma and Core Dynamics can give miners more choices and provide better quality mining machines.

In the future, mining machinery manufacturers, mines, etc., will be more specialized in all aspects, and many links are currently not professional. Bitcoin is growing very fast. This industry has a very good dividend. If we want to continue in this industry, we must work very hard and be the ultimate. The development speed must catch up with the development speed of Bitcoin, so that it will not fall behind.

The main companies in the field of chip production are TSMC and Samsung. The supplier of Bitcoin is TSMC. We are Samsung. The ratio of virtual currency to mobile phone and PC is still one level (chip demand), and the production capacity is very tight, especially the 7nm chip.

From design to tape, the cost of this chip is very large for traditional chip companies, such as 30 million, one billion. But it is not very big for miners, of course, 18 years is a big sum (full laugh). The industry needs funds to return, usually the futures mining machine.

Question 5, plan to go public?

I have struggled a lot. The advantage of listing is to open up a broad capital market and accept supervision. If it is not listed, we can follow our own ideas and focus on core competitiveness. (Not directly responding to the listing plan or not).