A new attempt at traditional finance, the technology of the Stock Exchange enters the currency circle

In January 2019, the London Stock Exchange Group announced a partnership with the digital asset trading platform AAX, and the technology of the Stock Exchange entered the currency circle. After waiting for half a year, the much-watched AAX is finally on the line.

On September 20th, AAX's small-scale meeting for super-leaders was successfully held in Hong Kong, and more than 30 representatives from well-known institutions in the industry were invited to attend. At the meeting, AAX COO Thor revealed that the platform will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year, and the opening of "one person, one bitcoin" and other important activities.

According to AAX CMO Sheel Kohli, at the end of November, AAX will jointly hold the AAX London official press conference with the London Stock Exchange Group.

Lunjiao technology

On September 20th, a small-scale meeting organized by AAX to invite super leaders to participate was successfully held in Hong Kong. More than 30 representatives from Amber Ai, G-Wave Group, NV Capital, Point 95 Global, Apocalypse Capital, Galaxy Capital, Blockpulse, AXS Capital Markets, and Teleman were invited to attend.

The relevant AAX executives gave a detailed introduction to the platform's vision, brand core values, product planning and future development strategies.

When talking about the industry's transition from wild to compliance, the former Block.one CMO, now AAX CMO Sheel Kohli, said at the meeting: "The blockchain industry is at a stage of maturity."


Sheel believes that Bitcoin hit an all-time high in 17 years, especially the continued growth of the entire digital asset economy, making the “hug blockchain” a firmer. As the interest of institutional investors continues to increase, national regulatory regulations are gradually taking shape, and encrypted digital assets are already a new trend of investment.

In introducing the brand's brand philosophy, Sheel said that AAX's core values ​​are trust, integrity, security and performance. AAX is the world's first technology-driven digital asset trading platform for the London Stock Exchange, with strong endorsement of trust and leading technology recognized by the global financial market.

The trading systems and risk control of traditional financial markets have formed very mature systems and norms, and the idea of ​​introducing them into the digital currency field is quite imaginative.

AAX COO Thor Chan introduced at the meeting that the encrypted digital asset market is different from the traditional securities market. The characteristics of 7×24-hour non-stop trading put forward new requirements for system load capacity and stability, and the risk control ability of futures contract transactions to the system. It is also a test.


He said that AAX has launched a spot transaction, a perpetual contract transaction and an OTC market for the demand of the encrypted digital asset market. At present, it has signed contracts with many major customers and market makers to provide customers with deep liquidity and real price discovery. At the same time, the amount of load at the agency level can be achieved.

When talking about product planning, he revealed that AAX will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Innovative products such as stable currency settlement contracts, digital asset options and STO assets are all planned to meet the diverse needs of users.

On the other hand, in order to better serve the institutional customers, Thor said that in the first quarter of next year, AAX will launch a direct connection transaction (DMA) service, allowing professional trading institutions to directly engage in high-concurrency and low-latency transactions through the FIX access control system. This is also the professional service provided by the Stock Exchange for international financial institutions for many years.

There will be "big moves"

The retention of users is undoubtedly an indicator that every trading platform attaches great importance to. In addition to providing a good experience for platform trading, continuous user incentives are required to motivate users and retain users.

AAX China mainland official Alex said in the introduction of the exchange's operating strategy, AAX is about to open the super leader limited time recruitment plan and the beta version of the trading contest, in order to fully mobilize the user's trading enthusiasm and activate the community vitality.

She said that AAX will launch a series of community benefits, and will open two important activities such as "one person, one bitcoin" and "mainstream half-price purchase".

Regarding the plan for the blockchain project to go online, she mentioned that the selection of AAX preparatory nodes will be opened at the end of this year, and quality projects will be given priority, and super leaders can participate in pre-orders.

In the final interactive Q&A session, the issue of platform product differentiation referred to by Amber AI. Thor said: "The cooperation with the London Stock Exchange Group provides the core engine for AAX. Users can experience the matching engine, which is the biggest feature of AAX. AAX will simultaneously launch OTC, spot and contract transactions, providing a variety of order types. To achieve seamless trading around the clock."

In response to the issue of Bitcoin unlocking in the “One Bit, One Bitcoin” event, Alex explained that the Super Leader has the right to enjoy the AAX platform. There are two ways to unlock Bitcoin, namely, the invitation to unlock and the transaction to unlock. Alex also stressed that one bite is a real bitcoin, not the equivalent of other encrypted digital assets. AAX currently does not have a platform currency plan.

According to AAX CMO Sheel Kohli, AAX has been invited to attend Blockchain Live, one of London's largest blockchain summits on September 25th, and CMC's first global offline event in London in November, and plans to host London at the end of November. The stock exchange group co-hosted the official AAX London conference.


This AAX is a small-scale meeting for super-leaders. It aims to communicate with industry insiders, share the latest developments of the AAX platform with super leaders, understand the needs and suggestions of super-leaders, and provide better products and services for users. Expand the global market.