Market analysis: the mid-term adjustment is officially opened, alert to the long yin to

The market fell across the board yesterday, the market bulls were obviously weak, the shorts were fully exerted, and the market's leading BTC also fell. The leading ETH and EOS rebounded, and BNB even hit a new low. Explain that the resistance of the market is weakening. Let's give you a hint of the wind. If you are willing to listen, you will listen to it. If you don't want to listen, I will not say it. If the resistance is weakened, then the big Yinxian may end up. Starting to look for support, the decline and speed may be very fast, so fast that you can't get lighten up, so I personally think that since the trend is clear, we should do preventive lightening to ensure the safety of funds.


BTC fell below the integer mark of 10,000 US dollars, and also fell below the lower rail support level of the convergence triangle. As we mentioned earlier, the reason why the sideways shock is to leave time for the oversold rebound funds, now oversold The rally is over, and the target has begun to bottom the market. We have been expecting that the target may fall to around $7,200-7,500. We maintain this view, but we believe that even if there is support in this place, It may not be too big. Of course, it is necessary to wait until the point is reached and then judge. The overall risk is control.


Simply look at the trend of ETH is actually OK, after making a W-break and then breaking through, the current rhythm is back, the volume can also be matched, we also mentioned that the biggest risk of the target is now in BTC, Once the BTC has broken down, it will not be easy to make it. It is not ruled out that the target will be twice higher, but I personally tend to end up with the oversold rebound. It will basically end, and will not break the strong pressure of 220 US dollars. It should be based on risk prevention.


The EOS volume and price match is not ideal. At present, it has broken below a number of moving averages. The chips have begun to show a certain degree of loosening. The oversold rebound has begun to waver. The military is unstable and it is difficult to have a consistent market. It has already fallen below our Out of the support of 3.7 dollars, see if the closing can be recovered, if it can not be returned, it may be a double bottom, the current macd indicator is also dead, the possibility of double bottoming is relatively large, pay attention to risk.

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