A picture to understand the difference between Bakkt's bitcoin futures and "traditional" futures

According to the delivery method, futures contracts are usually divided into cash delivery and physical delivery.

At present, CBOE, CME, BITMEX, OKEx, and Firecoin have selected cash delivery methods. This is because cash delivery does not involve the hosting and delivery of Bitcoin in kind, thus avoiding a series of regulatory issues and costs such as secure storage, KYC, and anti-money laundering. At the same time, the price fluctuations of Bitcoin are fierce, and the frequent occurrence of “pins, line drawing” has also made the mainstream institutional investors who want to participate in the encryption futures contract discouraged.

As an important attempt by traditional financial institutions to test water cryptocurrency, Bakkt officially launched a bitcoin futures contract for physical delivery on September 23 (Beijing time).

This marks the way that digital currency futures trading is moving towards formal professionalism, and it is likely to attract more professional investors to enter the cryptocurrency and promote the price of mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Bakkt parent company ICE, with its abundant resources, experience, technology and other conditions, seizes and occupies the cryptocurrency transaction as an emerging financial market, and facilitates the further development of the closed-loop ecology of cryptocurrency payment and other services. It is not difficult to see that ICE wants to stabilize its position as the world's top exchange and clear settlement network.

Regarding the progress and analysis of the Bakkt exchange, Planetary is continuously updating the article under relevant topics , and will not go into details here. This article mainly compares Bakkt with other cryptocurrency futures exchanges and China's traditional futures exchanges , providing investors with a more comprehensive reference, enjoy~

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