Blockchain needs academic spirit | 2019CCF Blockchain Technology Conference

In 2015, Cao Lei published an article in the "CFO" magazine "Blockchain: Another Possible for Finance", which is regarded as the beginning of academic research on blockchain in China.

Since then, the number of research papers in China's blockchain has grown exponentially, and the search has been conducted on China Knowledge Network with the theme of “blockchain”. From 2015 to 2019, there were 29, 712, 2,594, 3,812, and 2009 articles. Chinese literature.

In the past year, with the development of technology and the application of the scene, the academic research of blockchain no longer only stays on conceptual issues. A systematic blockchain cognitive system is gradually established , and blockchain technology is moving forward. More in line with real needs, more able to enlighten the direction of the real economy.

From October 11 to 13, 2019, the 2019 CCF Blockchain Technology Conference will be held in Chengdu.

The conference was hosted by the China Computer Society (CCF), China Computer Society Blockchain Professional Committee, China Electronic Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd., Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and China National Science and Technology Research Institute. Sichuan University, Electronic Technology Co-organized by the university.

The conference invited blockchain experts from all walks of life, such as government, industry, and research institutes to conduct in-depth exchanges on new theories, new technologies, and new applications in the field of blockchain through conference reports, sub-conference reports, special lectures, technical reports, and on-site exhibitions. Joint research on key technologies, innovative applications, standards and norms, and personnel training of blockchains will promote the development and application of blockchain technology.

Meeting highlights

First, the top expert speech

Top blockchain experts and scholars from China Academy of Engineering, Xintongyuan, Weizhong Bank, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Renmin University of China, and Fudan University will combine technology innovation, scenario application, market policy and other dimensions. Current current events and common thinking about the future development of the blockchain.

Different from last year's conference, this year's blockchain technology conference is more inclined to the discussion of blockchain application . Therefore, China UnionPay, China Civil Aviation Administration, China Telecom, China Electronics, Changhong Information, 360, Tencent, and Interest have also been invited. Chain technology and many other blockchain practitioners who are on the front line share their blockchain ideas and insights.

Second, 800+ scientific research thinking collision

In addition to the theme report, the conference opened “blockchain and network security”, “blockchain and financial innovation”, “blockchain judicial application and ecological construction”, and “autonomous controllable blockchain technology and figures”. "Government", "blockchain and cloud big things integration", "blockchain technology and cryptography" and other six sub-forums.

Nearly 100 heavyweight guests will bring the latest blockchain research results to the university professors, researchers, assistant professors, doctors, masters and blockchain experts on-site, and explore the “poetry and distance” of the blockchain.

Third, academic papers strong empowerment

The 2019CCF Blockchain Technology Conference collected more than 100 academic papers in the field of blockchain. Under the organization of the China Computer Society Blockchain Committee, the best papers will be selected and many excellent papers will be selected. report.

In addition, the China Computer Society Blockchain Special Committee will hold a working meeting on October 11th, at which time the committee will be elected by secret ballot.


Conference time : October 11-13, 2019

Conference venue : Chengdu Longzhimeng Hotel

Scan code registration :


Latest agenda:

October 11

10:00-18:00 Registration for the conference participants 18:30-19:00 Blockchain Committee members and co-opted members work conference signing 19:00-21:00 Blockchain Committee Working Conference

October 12 (morning)

Moderator: Sun Yi Wang Yongjuan

09:00-10:00 Opening Ceremony

10:00-12:00 Theme Report

Chen Chun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Speech Topic: Blockchain Technology and Supervision

Shen Changxiang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Ma Zhitao, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Shenzhen Qianhai Weizhong Bank Topic: "Public Alliance Chain: The Key to Opening the Door of Distributed Business"

Tang Qiang, Assistant Professor of NJIT, USA, Director of JD-NJIT-ISCAS Blockchain Lab Topic: Unveil the Myth of Blockchain Abstractions

12:00-12:30 Conference Photo 12:30-14:00 Buffet Lunch

October 12 (afternoon)

14:00-17:30 Conference Forum

Sub-forum 1: Blockchain Technology and Network Security Sub-forum: Zhai Haibin Liu Zaishuang

Sub-forum 2: Blockchain Technology and Financial Innovation Sub-forum: Li Wei Zhou Wei

Sub-forum 3: Chairman of the Judicial Application and Ecological Construction Sub-Forum of Blockchain: Sun Guozhen, Wu Pingping

October 13 (morning)

Moderator: Sun Yi Wang Yongjuan

09:00-11:00 theme report

Qing Yu, Chairman of China Electronics Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd. Speech: "Thinking about Blockchain Technology and Its Applications"

Bai Shuo Chinaledger Technical Committee Director, Blockchain Technology Specialist

Zhang Yan, Professor of Oslo University, Norway, Topic: "Intelligent Blockchain Empowerment Internet of Things"

Jean-Charles Cabelguen, PhD Topic: "Blockchain and global convergence of technologies – Smart city use cases"

Director of the China Blockchain Research Center of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Duanjiang, Topic: "The Practice of Blockchain Technology"

11:15-12:15 Round Table: Libra's Challenges and Opportunities

Hu Jie, Professor of the School of Advanced Finance, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhu Jianming, Dean of the School of Information, Central University of Finance and Economics Zhang Ruidong, Director of the Blockchain Research Office, Institute of Internet Finance, Zhejiang University Chen Sheng BitTribe Lab (Hong Kong) Chief Evangelist Chen Baihui Zhang Yifeng, Dean of the Asian Blockchain Industry Research Institute Dean of China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute Bai Shuo, Director of ChinaLedger Technical Committee Yang Dong, Vice President, School of Law, Renmin University of China

October 13 (afternoon)

14:00-17:30 Conference Forum

Sub-forum 1: Chairman of the Self-Controllable Blockchain Technology and Digital Government Sub-Forum: Liang Wei Yin Keting

Sub-forum 2: Blockchain and Cloud and Matter Integration Forum Chairman: Wu Qianhong Tang Bo

Sub-forum 3: Chairman of the Blockchain Technology and Cryptography Sub-forum: He Dezhen Bai Jian"

China Computer Society (CCF)

The Chinese Computer Society (CCF) was established in 1962, a national first-level society, an independent corporate legal person, and a member of the China Association for Science and Technology. CCF is an academic group in China's computer and related fields. Its mission is to provide services for the academic and professional development of professionals in the field; to promote academic progress and application of technological achievements; to conduct academic evaluations, to lead academic direction; to promote the front line of technology and industrial applications. Communication and interaction; recognition and recognition of individuals, companies and organizations with outstanding academic and technical achievements.

China Computer Society (CCF) Blockchain Special Committee

The CCF Blockchain Professional Committee was established in April 2018. It is committed to uniting, uniting, and organizing professionals in the blockchain field, conducting academic exchange activities, participating in the development of standards in the blockchain field, and proposing to the government to improve our country. The level of scientific research, teaching and application in the field of blockchain promotes the application and industrialization of blockchain research results and enhances the influence of the academic community in the international blockchain.

Babbitt was invited to be the exclusive strategic cooperation media of the conference and participated in the report.

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