Game giant EA also wants to enter the blockchain? Maybe not as simple as you think.

Today, game giant Electronic Arts (EA) posted on Twitter, "Invest in Crypto."

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As a world-renowned game maker, EA has developed a number of globally popular games such as the Red Alert Series, the FIFA Series, the Need for Speed ​​Series and the Sims Series. There are many loyal fans around the world, and its Twitter official account has nearly 5.5 million followers.

Once the news was sent, it caused a heated discussion. In addition, many cryptocurrency industry insiders also formed a tour group to leave a message under the Twitter.

OK official Twitter launched a picture under it, "Welcome to the cryptocurrency club," and said that we all like EA.

Sun Yuchen also played a marketing game under the tweet. The commentary said: "Look at our game application on the wave field."

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In addition, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are very excited about this, and they have said: "Welcome to be a member of the cryptocurrency family." Many users have recommended their own cryptocurrency in the comments.

Admission, stolen or marketing?

Of course, most users are skeptical about the authenticity of the message. The first thought of many people is that the EA account has been stolen, or EA is joking.

However, it has been 8 hours since the release of this tweet, neither its official Twitter account nor the official website has been blamed.

In fact, EA knows what it is doing from start to finish, and knows the impact of publishing this message.

Before EA released the "Investment Cryptographic Currency" message, EA turned a game video, and the "crypto" character appeared in the tweet of the video. The video promotes the new hero in EA's competitive game Apex Legends. The new hero's name is "crypto" and the identity is a hacker.

Enterprise WeChat screenshot_15689459461961.png

Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that the EA is a marketing campaign to promote the new role of its game. So why attract so many encryption enthusiasts?

"EA is just promoting its games, not really promoting cryptocurrencies. Everyone knows it well. To leave a message below is just an opportunity to do a wave of marketing for your project."

In this wave of carnival, it seems that everyone is a winner.

Will EA really enter the market?

The blockchain of game giants has long been a surprise.

As early as 2018, game giant Ubisoft entered the blockchain and launched the blockchain game HashCraft. In addition, game makers such as Sony and Fortress Night developer Epic Games are also arranging blockchain games.

Domestic Tencent and Netease are also actively introducing blockchain elements, whether it is "to catch the demon together" or "reverse the cold", although it can not be called the blockchain game in the true sense, but its layout blockchain The determination of the game is evident.

In the future, when the blockchain technology is gradually maturing and the game market is really open, game makers such as EA and Blizzard will inevitably try to take a slice of it.


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