Yu Xiaojun: Private gas stations are very suitable for introducing blockchain technology for asset management

According to the Economic Information Daily, recently, in the series of activities of the Firecoin Group, “When the Fires are accompanied by the Wudang”, Yu Xiaojun, Chairman of the Bank of China, said that there are more than 50,000 private gas stations in China with nearly 100 million services. The owner of the car, the annual transaction volume is about 1.3 trillion, is a very large market. Private gas stations are an industry with a relatively low level of informationization, so it is very suitable to introduce blockchain technology for asset management and improve efficiency. However, for the private gas station industry, there is also an application scenario that is more worthy of imagination. Based on the characteristics of high-frequency, just-needed, and user-adapted gas stations, we can vigorously develop the “refueling market” and build gas stations. A service center for travel services. In this scenario, blockchain technology can be used to identify and record the value of consumer creation, and then redistribute value. Simply put, users gain value accumulation through refueling consumption, which can be used in circulation applications in the “follow-up” “ecosystem”.