Blockchain sector performance is strong, blowing up a wave of daily limit

According to the Gelonghui news, on September 24th, the blockchain sector performed strongly and caused a wave of daily limit. Hongtu Gaoke, Digital Certification, Huihong Group, Feitian Integrity, Yalian Development and other stocks have seen daily limit, and Zhongqingbao and Guangbo shares have also risen sharply. At the close, among them, Hongtu Hi-Tech, digital certification, Huihong Group rose more than 10%, Yalian Development, Jinguan shares rose more than 9%. According to the broader market, of the 87 stocks in the blockchain sector, 61 were up, 4 were flat and 22 were down. The blockchain concept stocks have been warming up since mid-August, and have been performing strongly since September. Over time, the blockchain sector has risen 41.99% since 2019.