Zhou Ziheng: Digital currency will open the currency scene of blockchain technology application

On September 24th, Zhou Ziheng, chairman of Zhejiang Modern Digital Finance Technology Research Institute, published an article entitled "Digital Legal Currency Will Open the Currency Scene of Blockchain Technology Application". The article pointed out that in view of the issuance and operation of digital legal currency, it will provide an effective source of money and a stable monetary base for the innovation and application of blockchain technology. The international approach to asset digitization will not only shrink, but will greatly expand. Digital assets based on digital currency will be developed in an endless stream. Not only the private sector, but also the authorities will try to develop encrypted digital assets supported by blockchain technology in the international arena. This not only expands the foundation and scale of asset digitization, but also promotes the international convergence of asset digitization and payment figures. Especially in the fields of international exchange and international settlement, digital legal currency will completely open up the international currency scene of blockchain technology application, and greatly expand and promote the international innovation of digital financial system.