Blackstone CEO Su Shimin first talked about Bitcoin: the currency that no one controls is very strange.

Steve Schwarzman, the king of Wall Street, the co-founder and CEO of Blackstone Group, said that he likes the concept of blockchain, but it is very strange to apply it to money.

On September 17, Su Shimin expressed his opinion on Bitcoin in an interview with Fortune. The explanation was that using blockchain to build currency was “quite strange” and he did not have much interest in it. Because this is very difficult for him to understand.

The 72-year-old billionaire accused the decentralization of Bitcoin, saying:

“I grew up in a world that needs someone to control the currency. There is a reason to control the currency. This is why governments do this, partly because they want to keep the economy as far away from excessive behavior, and partly because Control bad behavior."

It also warned that Bitcoin would only encourage crimes like money laundering, drug trafficking, etc., but he added:

"I may have limited thinking, but this is a problem. If they can solve this problem and solve the problem of controlling the money supply, then there is no problem."

In this regard, cryptocurrency industry person Joseph Todaro concluded that: 45

“The Blackstone CEO believes that Bitcoin has two major problems:

  1. No one can review their transactions;
  2. No one can control the supply of it;

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In the eyes of US venture capitalist Tim Draper, the complexity of the use of bitcoin is a major obstacle to its large-scale adoption, but he added that bitcoin will remain the preferred currency in the long run.

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