Bitcoin continues to remain weak, mainstream currency suspends offensive adjustments pending

The trend of BTC kept vibrating in the early morning, and the short-term quantity could be reduced. The hourly Bollinger Band was in a closed position, the running space was further narrowed, and the follow-up trend will be heated up. The short-term trend touched the hourly Bollinger Band on the upper rail and the trend was downward. Recently, the upward momentum has continued to be weak, and the trend has been suppressed more and more downward. Once the key support below cannot be effectively maintained, the trend will open up the running space downwards, forming a downward trend, but the overall amount of funds is lacking, and it is difficult to form an effective outbreak posture. Will continue to adjust. In the BTC daily chart, the overall trend is further sluggish, the amount of energy continues to shrink, and the amplitude is also decreasing. The current trend has been compressed to the middle and lower rail areas of the Bollinger Band, and continues to be in a suppressed posture. The Bollinger Band is located at 10240. The position formed resistance suppression, the 5-day moving average and the 10-day moving average were pressed downwards at 10200, and there was a posture of forming a dead fork. The market bearish sentiment showed signs of further improvement, and the trend will remain downward. The MACD in the figure is in the figure. The 0-axis is adjacent to the bond, the STOCH fast-and-slow line is bonded near the 20 horizontal line, and the RSI is parallel at the 50-level line. The overall trend shows a turbulent trend, and the bias is also biased. The follow-up will continue to maintain the posture of the weak adjustment. More, in the 10210-10240 position to follow the empty list to see the position of 10150-10130, with a good stop loss, profit and timely exit.

After the strong outbreak of ETH yesterday, the trend of the correction broke the four-hour MA5. The short-term trend will be further adjusted. It also triggered a slight decline in the price, but the overall trend is still an upward trend. If the method can be stabilized on the MA10 in the short term, it will soon move. Will continue to form a posture of upswing, the short-term volume can begin to decrease, the upward strength is weakened, the adjustment needs to continue to be stable, and the operational recommendations are mainly adjusted, and the follow-up in the 210-208 position is seen near 215, focusing on the upper resistance 217 -219 position, support 209-205 position below.

The overall trend of XRP maintained its upward trend. After the sharp outbreak yesterday, the short-term trend entered the adjustment stage. There is still a further upward trend. The trend is back to 0.31 upward movement, and the upward attitude is maintained. Once it returns to the 0.32 position, it will once again open the outbreak posture. It is recommended to call back more, pay attention to the support below 0.31-0.30 position, the upper resistance 0.325-0.33 position.

The LTC trend continues upwards, the Bollinger Band is in an upward-up posture, and the upward trend is maintained. The current trend is blocked at the 60-day moving average 79 position, and the short-term upside capability is gradually weakened. If the subsequent adjustment breaks the 77 short-term support, the adjustment will be further expanded. More than one single, focus on the bottom support 74-70 position, the upper resistance 79-82 position, grasp the effective point to follow up profit.

BCH broke out of the 330 position, and then blocked the callback, entering the adjustment phase, the overall trend still has a strong upside strength, the current blocked adjustment, the departure effect continues to increase, once the trend can not stabilize at 325, the trend will be adjusted in depth The operation suggestion callback is more, pay attention to the support position 320-315 below, the upper resistance 330-335 position.

EOS received the cross star yesterday. Today, it continues to shrink and adjust, and the upside is weakened. However, it has continued to stabilize above 4.0. Currently, there is a lack of effective energy. The trend has entered a rhythm of upward shock. With the release of pressure above, the adjustment will continue. Keep, the operation suggestion is low and low, pay attention to the support below the 3.9-3.8 position, the upper resistance is 4.15-4.25.

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