A woman in Xiamen strayed into the "bitcoin investment" scam and was cheated 360,000 in 3 days!

Investing in virtual currency on the platform, there is a professional data analyst "hands-on" guidance, and steady profits do not lose, such a good thing to listen to is like a scam, but some people believe.

Recently, Ms. Ren, who lives in Xiang'an, Xiamen, has been involved in the “investment of bitcoin” loops designed by the scammers. According to the instructions of the other party, she was defrauded by a fraudster for 360,000 yuan in just three days. After receiving the alarm, Xiang’an police immediately launched an investigation and eventually arrested all five suspects suspected of fraud in a community in Xiamen.


▲Receive a large amount of cash and more than 30 bank cards at the scene

Make a big profit?

Recharge 260,000 investment "Bitcoin" one night "earned" more than 1 million

On the evening of September 8, when Ms. Xiang Anren looked at the WeChat circle of friends at home, she saw someone sending a message of profit-making. After she opened it, she looked at it and found out that it was about investing in bitcoin, and this The friend circle is accompanied by a number of screenshots of the investment profit. Ms. Ren asked the other party with great interest. After the brief introduction, the other party sent a link to her, saying that she could try to download the network investment platform for investment, and there will be professional data analysts to provide investment assistance, with little risk. The return is high.

After the introduction of the other party, Ms. Ren felt profitable and promised the other party to decide to invest. She first downloaded and installed the investment platform through the mobile phone link, registered an account, and recharged 150,000 yuan. On the afternoon of September 9, I recommended a QQ number to Ms. Ren, which is called the data analyst's job number. The analyst will teach the woman how to operate.

Ms. Ren recalled that after adding her friends, she was pulled into a QQ group. The messages in the group basically deal with how to buy and sell Bitcoin. That night, Ms. Ren followed the analyst's instructions, first made an investment, and the result was a big loss, leaving only 70,000 yuan in the account. However, the analyst told Ms. Ren not to worry, and said that the profit and loss of tens of thousands of dollars is normal.

After the analyst's comfort, Ms. Ren recharged her account for 110,000 yuan, and then continued to follow the analyst's instructions. One night, Ms. Ren's account showed a total of 1.66 million yuan. Earn more than 1 million yuan in less than half a day? Ms. Ren is happy in her heart.

Chain traps!

I want to withdraw the money to pay the first 100,000 yuan and no more!

At this time, the analyst told her that the money can be taken out, but the first account must be transferred to the designated account as a security deposit to be cashed in, and the security deposit can be refunded after 24 hours, while the 1.66 million yuan can also be combined. Transfer out.

In order to be able to take out the money as soon as possible, Ms. Ren did not think much, she transferred 100,000 yuan to the account provided by the other party without thinking, waiting for the next day to withdraw the money. On the evening of September 10, Ms. Ren could not wait to log in to the investment platform and started to initiate the withdrawal request. However, she found that the application was rejected by the system. Ms. Ren, who was confused, immediately asked the customer service, and the answer was that her account was abnormal and needed to continue to pay. 20% of the funds is also 330,000 yuan as a security deposit. After 24 hours, the bank card can be replaced to withdraw the money.

The more she thought, the more she felt that something was wrong. After some memories and thoughts, she suddenly realized that she was deceived, so she rushed to the police for help. After receiving the police, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Xiang'an Branch, based on the clues provided by Ms. Ren, closely focused on the investment platform, capital flow and other key links, and quickly launched investigation and evidence collection. After locking the identity information of the suspects, the police decided to close the network.

On the morning of September 17, the criminal investigation brigade of Xiang'an Branch arrested five suspects, including Wang, who was suspected of fraud, in a rented house in Xiamen. The police seized 760,000 yuan of funds, more than 30 bank cards, and 5 mobile phones. . At present, the five suspects including Wang have been criminally detained by Xiang'an police for suspected fraud, and the case is still under investigation.

Article source: Taihai Net

Straits Herald reporter Lin Binbin correspondent Xia Gongxiang