People who want to rely on Bakkt scams are really disappointed.

" 蹭Bakkt hotspot scam "

Where there are hot spots, there will be scams.

On September 23rd, I hoped that the stars and the moon would be regarded as the most favorable Bakkt in the year. The Bakkt was officially launched, and there was a scam along with Bakkt.

After Bakkt just announced the announcement of the official launch of the first single transaction, there were Twitter users who broke the news that some people used the name of Bakkt to defraud.

Understandably, after all, in the current bleak cryptocurrency market, the admission of the regular army Bakkt is the biggest hot spot and focus.

Deep Chain Finance found that the scammers used the Medium account and the Twitter account "two-pronged" to pretend to be the official account of Bakkt. By the hotspot and benefit of Bakkt landing, free 5,000 scams and 10,000 ETH scams were released.

Of course, the preparations of the scammers are also very complete. In the Medium comment area, I have arranged several support in advance. "I received 1 bitcoin, thank you Bakkt, we are with you." "Yes, I sent 0.3 bitcoins. After receiving 6 bitcoins, thank you very much." Such comments attract "people" who don't know the truth.

In fact, such fraud has been shown before the official launch of the Bakkt bitcoin futures trading, and the Bakkt official has long been aware of it. On September 19th, Bakkt officially announced that @Bakkt is our only official Twitter.

I hope users pay attention to safety and beware of fraud! Bakkt will never use social media to request sensitive information, or to post a wallet address on the grounds of a gift of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

For the scammers who carefully set up the scam, the purpose is to bring a sensational effect to the masses of unidentified people through the official launch of Bakkt, but in fact, the script did not follow the direction that the scammers expected.

Because Bakkt did not attract institutional investors as expected, it set off a wave and brought bitcoin up. Bitcoin still maintained its downturn.

For scammers who want to scam by Bakkt's hotspots, they may be disappointed.


"   Bakkt's "a basin of cold water"

As disappointing as the scammers, there are a large number of cryptocurrency followers and investors. In the words of some investors, Bakkt's cold water has roused my spring and autumn dream of "bitcoin skyrocketing".

After all, unlike the market expectations, the fiery trading scene did not appear on Bakkt.

On September 23, around 8 pm EST, Bakkt opened the deal. Two minutes after the open trade, the first contract was sold and the transaction price was $10,115. And 2 hours passed, the transaction volume has remained in single digits.

For such a cold, clear and miserable transaction, some investors said that the American people are still sleeping at this time, and the really reasonable data will take 24 hours to see.

However, even after waiting for 24 hours, the situation has not changed.

In the deep-chain financial statistics, only 73 bitcoins were sold in the 29 hours after the opening, and the total turnover was less than $730,000.

Bakkt's past 29 hours of trading volume

If there is no clear idea of ​​such a quantity or amount, we can compare the CMEs that also launched Bitcoin futures at the end of 2017.

The first week of the Bitcoin futures of CME Group was US$460 million, with an average daily turnover of US$65 million.

In contrast, Bakkt's one-day turnover is not even a fraction of the CME Group.

In addition to the bleak transaction data, and the media found that Bakkt Bitcoin hosting service Bakkt Warehouse opened its storage business from September 6, it is still unclear how many bitcoins are hosted.

In addition, Bakkt has not disclosed any address of its escrow wallet so far, and the company spokesperson did not respond to any questions.

All in all, the much-anticipated Bakkt is disappointing and unprepared, and it is in the old saying, how big it is, how big it is to be disappointed.


" The biggest benefit in 2019 "

Since its inception, Bakkt has influenced market conditions in every move. Its ability to land smoothly was regarded by everyone as the biggest advantage of the 2019 currency.

As we all know, cryptocurrency exchanges exist at the top of the food chain of the cryptocurrency industry. Futures contracts are a type of financial derivatives, and the gameplay is easy to use, so the audience is the widest.

Among all cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency futures contracts are a more special existence because they can expand leverage and have a greater impact on the market.

In addition to Bakkt, the “recognized” benefit of Bitcoin fans is that they halved production in May 2020.

The emergence of Bakkt is to increase market demand, while halving production is to reduce the supply of the market. Therefore, the importance of Bakkt is self-evident.

Bakkt is not without its competitors, but its competitors rarely have the title of “Best Profit in 2019”.

In the traditional field, Bakkt's competitor is CME, and the emergence of the CME Bitcoin contract directly or indirectly led to the bitcoin bear market. CME is settled in US dollars, and short-selling is also the US dollar rather than the bitcoin of falling value. Bakkt uses Bitcoin for physical delivery. To go short, you need to buy Bitcoin as a margin.

So there is an essential difference between CME and Bakkt.

In the field of cryptocurrency, exchanges characterized by compliance and physical delivery, and in terms of shareholder strength and regulatory power, and other hard powers that can compete with Bakkt are only ErisX, LedgerX, and Seed CX.

However, the three exchanges cannot be compared with Bakkt in terms of publicity strategies and project advancement.

Bakkt hired Adam White, vice president of Coinbase, one of the largest bitcoin spot exchanges in the US, as chief operating officer, and invited Rich Mackey, vice president of independent futures broker Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG).

These are all missing from other futures exchanges. Of course, this is one of the reasons why Bakkt is so valued.


"   Let Bakkt fly for a while? "

The "best benefit" of 2019 suffered such awkward trading dilemma, and many people shouted that this was a year-long hype.

However, as the negative voice on the market said, Bakkt is just a golden jade, and has its name?

Encryption analyst Alex Krüger launched a survey on Twitter, "CME Bitcoin futures traded $460 million in the first week, and the current transaction volume is about $700 million. VanEck's 'fake' ETF trades in the first week. $0. How much volume Bakkt will attract is a key variable for the coming week. Do you think Bakkt will fail or be successful?"

Up to now, a total of 1083 netizens participated in the voting, 51% considered “complete failure” and 49% considered “successful launch”, which is basically the same.

For Bakkt's low volume, Night Cat said that the reason for the low turnover of Bakkt is that the broker is inefficient and the account opening speed is slow, and most people can't participate in the transaction in a short time. CNN financial analyst Joseph Young also said that as the broker is ready, he will be able to see more trading volume.

eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan said that Bakkt is like an eight-lane highway, and the traffic on the day of the line is not enough to judge whether the road is good or bad. MultiVAC CEO Frank also believes that Bakkt's long-term influence cannot be denied because of the small amount of transactions, so that the bullets can fly for a while.

Bakkt can still see the next volume of transactions, but the market seems to think that Bakkt has been exhausted. On September 23, Bitcoin fell 3.32%, the lowest hit $9609, and this data also proves this from the side.

Bitcoin price trend

Both CME and Bakkt can trade Bitcoin futures contracts, but Bakkt is considered to increase the market's demand for bitcoin due to the physical delivery of Bitcoin, thus affecting prices.

However, its performance on the first day made investors disappointed, fearing that the recurrence of the currency price after the CME on-line bitcoin futures in December 2017 would sell off their chips.

Most people think that Bakkt should be on the line and the transaction volume will skyrocket, and then the bitcoin price will skyrocket, but the facts are not as expected. However, in the face of the sluggish trading situation, Bakkt executive Adam White did not seem to show any uneasiness when interviewed by CNN.

Maybe you really need to let Bakkt fly for a while before you can see its real impact on the cryptocurrency market. However, before this, investors or hot scammers may have to be disappointed again.

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