Ethereum client Parity once again caused community dissatisfaction due to conflict of interest issues

According to AMBCrypto, as one of the largest Ethereum clients, Parity has been criticized by the community. Recently, Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt issued a statement on Gitter stating that Parity is no longer the best Ethereum client considering the problems with Parity beta. In response to Schmidt, Parity's Joshua Mir said the team wanted their Ethereum client to "be as good as possible." However, "there are fewer people who are willing (and capable) to do this work in the community." He also said that the Rust language deployed by the Ethereum client is less popular than Goth's Go programming language. And for some time, the Ethereum community’s sentiment towards Parity has been declining. This angered members of the Ethereum community, and some questioned the reason why the Ethereum Foundation awarded $5 million to Parity Technologies earlier this year. In response, Peter Mauric, head of public affairs at Parity Technologies, emphasized that the company was funded in stages based on milestones. Mauric also said that the Parity-Etherum project was “self-funded” prior to funding and further added that Parity-Etherum's long-term maintenance was not within the “grants” and the Foundation never provided funding.