Wang Yongli: Libra's successful launch is still full of suspense and challenges.

According to the Economic Observer Online, Wang Yongli, the former deputy governor of the Bank of China, published an article today on how Libra basket currency runs. Wang Yongli said that it must be seen that it is only linked to a currency equivalent, including the central bank to introduce legal digital currency or digital cash. There is a big challenge in its operation. Libra has to be integrated with a basket of currencies, which sounds better. Enhance the innovation of its currency, and get rid of the inevitable "substitute" shadow that is only linked to the single currency equivalent, but the formation and operation of its management rules will face more complicated and profound challenges. A lot of confusion, even though Facebook announced Libra's basket currency structure, it does not mean that Libra can be launched and put into operation very quickly. Whether it can be successfully launched is still full of suspense and challenges.