Filecoin plans to go online on December 11 and go online in March 2020

Filecoin, the main network decentralized storage project, released a blog last night saying that the Alphanet network will be launched on September 25, 2019. The test network will be launched on December 11, 2019, and the main network is scheduled to be launched in March 2020. . These times are the best expected dates and are subject to change. Previously, Filecoin's development time has been postponed several times. Earlier this year, Filecoin launched a test network for developers and began testing Filecoin networks and protocols. According to its statistics, at its developer network statistics center, it has seen nodes connected to the developer test network at a peak of 500. The guaranteed storage capacity is 17PB. This month, Filecoin also launched the Developer Rewards program, which aims to reward existing and future Filecoin eco developers, encourage more developers to participate in the development of open source projects, and economically support new projects and tools based on Filecoin. And the development of business models.