Securitize, a technology-issuing technology company, announced that it has received $14 million in financing, with financial giants Santander and MUFG participating

Securitize, a regulated provider of token-issuing technology, has raised $14 million from investors, including the investment arm of large financial companies.


Securitize announced in a press release on Tuesday that the financing was an extension of its Series A financing, supported by Santander InnoVentures, MUFG Innovation Partners and Nomura Holdings. This time, there are also existing investors in Series A financing, Blockchain Capital, SPiCE VC and SeedRocket4Founders.

The company plans to use this cash injection to continue to develop its technology platform, with its ambitious goal of “modifying the traditional securities industry”.

According to the company's own data, the $14 million investment has enabled Securitize's total financing to date to exceed $30 million.

Carlos Domingo, co-founder and CEO of Securitize, said in a statement:

“Attracting key strategic investors such as Santander InnoVentures, Mitsubishi ufj Financial Group (MUFG) and Nomura, and leading blockchain investors, verifying the transformative role of digital securities in traditional financial markets Their investment in Securitize ensures that we continue to drive adoption and innovation with our execution and industry-leading technology."

It is worth noting that the US Securities and Exchange Commission approved the company as a transfer agent and official record custodian of a change in ownership of securities at the end of last month.

The company said that the securitized DS agreement allows for the management of secondary transactions and corporate conduct of digital securities. It also claims to have "the highest adoption rate in the industry", has issued 11 digital securities, and "tens of" will be released soon.

Manuel Silva Martinez, partner and managing director of Santander InnoVentures, explains why Santander will support the company, saying that the company is “betting” those “through blockchains”. A company that technologically transforms the core of our industry infrastructure. He added that securitization will increase banks' ability to participate in the digital securities market.

A considerable number of Asian investors also participated in the financing, including the venture capital department of Japan's major telecom operator KDDI, the innovation department of Japanese real estate developer Mitsui Real Estate, Hong Kong blockchain venture capital firm Kenetic Capital and China blockchain investment company. Distributed capital (Fenbushi Capital).

Securitize said the group highlighted the region's growing interest in digital securities.

The investor list also includes the Tezos Foundation and Algo Capital VC, which are involved in the development of digital securities for the Tezos and Algorand blockchain.