From the Meng Zhouzhou case: Huawei, HSBC, Kunlun Bank and digital currency

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The last time, "Ren Zhengfei first talked about the 'coin', the world has no confidence in the US dollar, the US debt will have a crisis in the US stock market." After the release, I did not expect the response to be so big. Even the old Shanghai colleagues who have not seen it for nearly two decades saw the article. Contacting the uncle, this world is really small.

There are also old friends who kindly remind the cat uncle that the issue of Huawei must pay more attention to the scale, and can't just ignore the influence.

Thank you for your concern. As the first batch of journalists who have been certified by the party education for many years in the Wanshou Road, please believe in the political consciousness of the uncle.

The rumors of the rivers and lakes, many of the cats are still direct or indirect witnesses, and they should not speak. The central government has set things that can be said, and it is necessary to talk about it every month.

Still return to the boss's original words:

It was originally a world policeman, maintaining world order. The world’s return was to accept the US dollar as an international circulation and reserve currency . The United States imposed a coinage tax on the world by issuing US dollars. If the United States continues to assume responsibility for maintaining the stability of the world order, it will not suffer. But now the United States has destroyed this mechanism . People no longer believe that the United States is maintaining the world order, nor does it believe that the US dollar is the most reliable reserve currency. When the world’s trust in the United States and the United States oscillates, there will be a crisis in the US debt and US stocks, which will lead to huge economic and political turmoil within the United States.

In fact, Ren Zhengfei also said: " China can also issue such a currency. Why should we wait for others to issue it? The power of a country is always stronger than that of an Internet company ." This is a group interview with mainstream media in Italy, talking about Facebook's upcoming The statement when the blockchain-based Libra digital currency is to be issued.

HSBC Incident

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The most important context of this series of speeches is that his daughter Huawei CFO Meng Xiazhou was betrayed by HSBC.

Uncle Cat listed only the news that has been disclosed in the domestic media:

On December 1, 2018, Meng Zhouzhou was arrested in Vancouver.

On December 5, 2018, Canada's "Global Mail" quoted a spokesman for the Canadian Ministry of Justice as saying that the United States had requested extradition of her, and the Canadian court is scheduled to hold a bail hearing on the matter on the 7th local time.

On December 8, 2018, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng urgently summoned the Canadian ambassador to China, Mai Jialian, to make solemn representations and strong protests against the head of the Canadian company. Le Yucheng pointed out that the Canadian side detained Chinese citizens who were transferred to Vancouver in Canada on the grounds of the request of the US, seriously infringing on the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens, disregarding the law, disagreeing with each other, being unbearable and extremely bad. The Chinese side strongly urges the Canadian side to immediately release the detainees and effectively protect the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of the parties. Otherwise, it will have serious consequences, and Canada must bear full responsibility for it.

On December 11, 2018, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech: China will never sit idly by and care for any bullying that violates the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. It will spare no effort to safeguard the legitimate rights of Chinese citizens and justice in the world. On the same day, the Canadian court ruled to approve the bail application of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Xiazhou.

On January 26, 2019, the Canadian ambassador to China, Mai Jialian, was forced to resign.

In the arrest of Meng Zhouzhou, the key point of the secret battle was "HSBC" and the international banking system behind it.

Still refer to the authoritative media that has been published.

The British Financial Times article said that from the end of 2016 to 2017, HSBC was investigated by the US Department of Justice for assisting Mexican drug dealers in money laundering. In addition to a fine of $1.9 billion, the US government has also appointed a large regulatory team to station in HSBC. In an investigation into the US Department of Justice, HSBC submitted a so-called document on Huawei's transactions with Iran as an attempt to withdraw the US Department of Justice's other criminal charges against HSBC. Based on this document, the United States accused Huawei of violating US bans on Iran, re-exporting US products to Iran, and accusing Meng Xizhou of concealing Huawei's relationship with Skycom, suspected of "fraudulating" HSBC and other US financial institutions.

In short, HSBC has been targeted by the US Department of Justice for issues such as pre-money laundering and sanctions violations. In order to escape punishment, it agreed to “cooperate” with investigations in other cases, and Huawei has become the victim of this “cooperation”. Finally, Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Xizhou was arrested.

Subsequently, HSBC submitted a series of investigation reports to the Ministry of Justice in 2017. The US Department of Justice used these reports to file a request for arrest and extradition of Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer Meng Xizhou.

It is worth mentioning that Reuters also revealed that "after this incident, HSBC has not been sued by the US government for other cases involved."

In response, Ren Zhengfei interviewed the Financial Times in July 2019 and questioned the US Department of Justice's practice of treating HSBC as a “victim” of “fraud”.

Ren Zhengfei said, “From the very beginning, HSBC has known that Skycom has business in Iran and knows the relationship between Skycom and Huawei. These issues can be proved in the mails of Huawei and HSBC. The email also includes the logo of HSBC. From a legal point of view, they can't say that they have been deceived, or they are completely ignorant. We have evidence."

A week before the interview with the Financial Times, Ren Zhengfei also told the US CNBC that as long as the court disclosed the evidence and the two sides issued evidence, the issue involved in Huawei’s arrested executives was “can be clarified and resolved”. "Because HSBC is aware of the situation from start to finish, it is not a 'victim'."

Shen Yi, an associate professor at the Department of International Politics at Fudan University, said that it is obvious that the "role" played by HSBC in the case of Meng Xiazhou is problematic. In the face of evidence, HSBC’s practice of infringing Huawei’s legitimate interests as its customers is not only untenable in morality, but also illegal in the legal norms of China. In an interview with the Global Times, a legal expert said that HSBC, in conjunction with the US government’s “long arm jurisdiction,” transferred personnel and data located in China to the United States without the permission of the Chinese government. The Ministry’s cross-border investigation and evidence collection of Huawei is suspected of disregarding China’s judicial sovereignty and violating China’s International Criminal Judicial Assistance Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

HSBC’s twenty-five, the days are not good.

On August 5, 2019, HSBC suddenly announced that John Flint, the CEO of the first half of the year, will resign as the CEO of the group after consulting with the board of directors.

Earlier, according to media reports, HSBC explained to the Chinese side earlier this year that it was “forced” to “cooperate” with the US investigation into Huawei. Therefore, whether Fanning’s resignation is personally for HSBC, is HSBC wanting to use his personal resignation to recover the unfavorable situation in the domestic business?

The precedent of Kunlun Bank


In any case, the arrest of Meng Xiazhou and the HSBC Bank’s 25th Five-Years reminded all Chinese entrepreneurs who are doing business overseas that there is no independent digital currency international banking system, not just overseas. The money earned cannot be properly circulated, and personal safety is also problematic in minutes.

In fact, like the thousands of Chinese people, the uncle of the cat is very simple about the money (currency). Until so many things have happened in the past few years, then Ren Zhengfei, such a world-famous big man, has to come out and express his voice. Everyone in the world is paying a "coinage tax" to the United States, which is the main source of economic power for the United States to maintain its world hegemony.

In the past, the boss was a very low-key person. If he was not deceived by the US emperor, he would rather be eager to earn money to serve clients without getting involved in politics. If the US emperor wants to accept the "coinage tax", he will pay the "protection fee".

Therefore, he said that if the United States continues to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the stability of the world order, it will not suffer. But now the United States has destroyed this mechanism . People no longer believe that the United States is maintaining the world order, nor does it believe that the US dollar is the most reliable reserve currency.

As the uncle wrote this article, it was reported that the European Central Bank’s governor, Villeluva, said that the French central bank had begun to study the central bank’s digital currency.

In other words, the big country company, now not officially declare its own digital currency, has been embarrassed to go out and say hello.

I didn’t do it before, but I just secretly did not promote it. Now that the situation is forced, no more official announcements are afraid that the daylily is cold.

When the night boat came out, Uncle Cat was also very worried. He also asked Huawei's brothers and sisters. What if the US emperor not only arrests people and cuts off your international bank funds?

Their answers are very exciting, the research is very deep, and the preparation is very full. I can only say that I have to believe in Huawei. They are far better than the outsiders.

However, there is a public case where the uncle can share with you, that is, the "Kunlun Bank" under PetroChina.

This may be the most special bank in China. There is basically no one in the oil circle. Interested people check it online. The cat uncle is not here.

The distance from Huawei to Huawei's Huawei Exchange

Meng night boat 2

Digital currency and the internationalization of the renminbi, for the average company, at the most, it will add more money, and if you can earn more money in the future, there will be no profit.

However, for some groups that undertake the national strategic mission of the country, it is the main artery that guarantees the normal operation of the organization.

Some time ago, everyone's eyes were staring at the "SOC chip battle" because the US emperor did not let Huawei use it. Huawei first came up with the "Kylin" series, followed by "鲲鹏", "升腾", "天罡", "巴龙".

Then there is the "OS operating system dispute", also because the US imperialism does not allow Huawei to use. Huawei has come up with "Hong Meng".

Will there be an "international banking system dispute" next? Uncle Cat doesn't know. However, if Huawei is not prepared to study, the uncle does not believe in killing.

Therefore, the uncle will say that the central bank’s digital currency DCEP has been officially announced by the central government. Although it is widely rumored that the first batch of participants in the closed test is Ali Tencent’s re-processing of the four major banks of agricultural construction, in fact, these seven Compared with Huawei, the international business volume, influence and control are more like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". The evil queens have no trouble in their eyes.

It is no problem for the seven dwarfs to test first, but the real main force is ultimately to rely on Huawei's team of sea-going enterprises.

How to do it specifically?

Again, Huawei has a very strict and effective secrecy system. Both Mao’s articles on Huawei are from publicly published news. All Huawei-related content is based on reasonable information from public information. No executives from Huawei. Explicitly stated with friends and relatives.

First of all, Huawei payment has been running for a long time.

Take a look at the official website:

The bank card in Huawei Pay is equivalent to binding the user's bank card to the Huawei wallet. The credit policy used by the Huawei Pay bank card is the same as the physical bank card.

Can be used in the following scenarios:

1. Offline POS machine flash payment.

2. PC version VMALL scan code payment.

3. Pay in some apps (such as the US group).

4. Huawei cloud service boutique application payment, such as flower currency purchase, glory reading, Huawei reading, the specific support situation is subject to the cashier display.

5. Some city transportation cards are opened and recharged (subject to the card opening and recharge checkout display).

6. Take some city bus lines (if you have any questions about the support bank, please contact UnionPay customer service).

The bank card in Huawei Pay has no relationship with real-name authentication. A Huawei account can be bound to multiple bank cards at the same time. A bank card can also be bound to multiple Huawei accounts. To a few Huawei accounts, you need to consult the issuing bank).

The bank card in Huawei Pay cannot be used for cloud service in-app payment. For example, the card is opened and recharged, and the bank card needs to be bound in the online payment/fast payment.

Secondly, mobile payment systems in many countries are actually built by Huawei. For example, on Huawei's official website, you can see:

As a leader in the Kenyan telecommunications market, Safaricom launched M-Pesa, which gives Kenyans the pleasure and convenience of mobile payments. After ten years of development, M-Pesa's service scope has expanded from the initial personal money transfer business to all aspects of modern life such as shopping, medical care, education, etc. It has become a household name of the Kenyan people and has become the world's most mobile payment field. One of the successful cases.

The main contractor of this system was Huawei, and the head of Huawei's project in the past, and later started to work as an e-commerce company based on mobile payment startups.

Frankly speaking, for Huawei, to be a bank or an exchange, technically it is not a problem at all, and the source of users is not difficult.

The first key is "politics."

The second key is the “ecology”.

For Huawei, it is now a war period. No combat plan can't be done, but the war plan is leaked.

(Today, a Beijing friend visited, first wrote here)

Someone asked who is the uncle?

I can only say that the uncle cat is the IP of the Shenzhen spirit. Regardless of the black cat and the white cat, it is a good cat that can catch the mouse.

This year, the civil mobility has been basically drained. If the fund of the uncle has not invested in new projects, it will write more about the two key areas of investment in the digital currency blockchain and AI robots, hoping to attract the attention of the whole society. The coming global currency is ready for release.

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