OK Research: This big drop has long been a sign, Bakkt trading is bleak into a fuse

OK Research issued a statement today saying that this plunge has actually been a warning. From a technical point of view, Bitcoin prices have been in a continuous pattern since reaching the peak at the end of June, but at that time it was not possible to judge whether the market form belongs to the falling triangle acting as the top form or the bullish pennant shape, if the bitcoin price breaks through. On the upper boundary, the market form belongs to the latter, and will rise sharply in the later stage; otherwise, it belongs to the former, and then it will fall. Around September 20th, Bitcoin prices continue to fail to break through the upper boundary, and it is basically judged that the large probability belongs to the falling triangle acting as the top form; and then from the market trading volume, the trading volume of Bitcoin continues since the end of June. The decline is full of momentum. A comprehensive judgment around September 20th shows that the future price of Bitcoin is about to usher in a big drop. Most of the time, the market's plunge requires a key event as a sign or fuse. From a news perspective, Bakkt launched a physical delivery futures contract on September 23, which has been interpreted by the parties as encrypted numbers. The significant positive of the currency, because it marks the full compliance of the traditional financial institutions' admission and supervision; but the performance of the Bakkt futures is not satisfactory. The trading volume of the online operation is only 67 contracts per day, which is equivalent to 67 bitcoins. It is not as good as the fraction of the daily trading volume of the currency currency exchange, indicating that traditional financial institutions have not shown strong interest in the encrypted digital futures contract, and the major positives are not as good as expected. Historically, the end of the bull market in Bitcoin in 2017 has also started from the CME online BTC futures contract. Therefore, a comprehensive judgment of Bitcoin will usher in a plunge.