The analysis shows that the ETC's mainstream exchanges have performed well in terms of trading volume.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 11:00 on September 25, the price of Ethereum is $170.90, the total market value is $18,749.88M, and the volume of mainstream exchanges is about $609.29M, which is soaring yesterday. Considering the decline of Ethereum, it is possible There is a considerable proportion of selling; recently, the Ethereum has a certain decline in the bitcoin exchange rate after the rebound; in terms of fundamentals, the trading volume of the Ethereum chain has a certain upward trend, the trading volume of the DApp on the chain has kept increasing, the computing power has declined, and the active address The number continued to grow; the Ethereum 30-day developer index was about 2.22; the 180-day correlation between Ethereum and BTC fluctuated smoothly around the low of the year, and the 30-day ROI continued to decline; the total market value of ERC20 token was about 56.72 of the total market value of Ethereum. %, continue to rise.