Analysis: Many types of indicators issued warnings, long-term signs in the futures market are sluggish

BFX.NU research members said that from the early warning of momentum AO and MACD technical indicators, Bitcoin and Ethereum still have further shock downside risks, and the long-term signs of the futures market are also significantly different from the previous few days. The distribution of long and short positions is within the normal range. In today's futures market, the IOST contract was the biggest drop, and it has fallen by 19.19% today. The shortest return is expected to be about 383.8%. In the mainstream currency futures sector, BSV, ADA, XRP and other six types of contracts were short-term Masukura, while ATOM, ZEC, and ALGO contracts suffered significant lightening. Among them, ALGO contracts reduced their short-term positions by 1.021 million, the highest record since the contract was opened; In the platform currency futures sector, the BNB contract saw a large-scale short-term Masukura in the afternoon. The overall short position was the short position, while the HT and OKB contracts still showed a lightening position. The short position was slightly higher than the normal range.