Cosmos upgrade encounters a failure, a large number of nodes respond to the failure to trigger the deduction of coins

According to the InfPool Infinity Mine, yesterday, Cosmos plans to upgrade the Cosmos Hub 3 at a block height of 1933,000. All of the original certifiers of Cosmos are planning to start at the height of the block and complete the node upgrade within one hour, but due to the upgrade failure, it is required to "downgrade to Cosmos SDK v0.34.6+ and restore to its latest snapshot, and then re- Start node" to ensure that the node is still running normally. Under Cosmos's rules, if the node's 9500 blocks are not working properly (about 18 hours), both the node and its delegator will be punished by Slash. Not only will the node's mortgage be deducted, but the consignee's staking token will also be Will be deducted from the corresponding proportion. The interests of the principal and the node are deeply bound, so the principal of some nodes must be vigilant.