The ant blockchain innovation contest final was held at Yunqi Conference

On the afternoon of September 25th, at the Yunqi Conference, the final of the “Chainhuang·Future” Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition hosted by Ant Financial was officially held, and the top three will be decided on the spot. According to Babbitt's on-site understanding, vaccine cold chain temperature sensing RFID traceability IoT solution, one block blockchain data trading platform, blockchain smart marketing solution, digital equipment leasing chain, EverWallet blockchain electronic ticket holder, (Shouqi Foresee the future, the chain shared car, ipfsCMS interstellar collaborative creation system, IENETChain global distributed artificial intelligence group intelligence network (blockchain + AI), enephon – link fan economy, real estate through a total of 10 projects finalists.
At the final stage, each project has a 15-minute roadshow session and then receives questions from the on-site judges. These jury members include: Bai Shuo, Ph.D. Supervisor, Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Ming, Director of Research Office, China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, Liu Xiaolei, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Chuang Shen, Founding Partner and CTO of Jiangmen Ventures, Li Jieli, Director of Ant Financial Services Li Jiebo, technical director of the ants Jin BaaS platform.
They will review the project from the four dimensions of business value, innovation, technology value and user experience. Finally, the top three will be decided according to the score, and the 1.8 million yuan will be divided. In addition, these projects can also freely test the enterprise version of the ant BaaS platform and the support of the 1 billion ant blockchain innovation fund.
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