Lava Interpretation: All PoC projects are very different

PoW, PoS, DPoS… I think these consensuses are more or less understood by everyone. So, how much do you know about the PoC that is the loudest on the market today?

PoC is the Proof of Capacity capacity certification mechanism. It works very well compared to PoW. The miner first writes a large number of random numbers in his hard disk, and then searches for the hash value by "sweeping" every time he wants to dig the latest block. Find the right value. For the random number of PoW, it takes a lot of computational power. PoC only needs to find in the existing values, and does not participate in real-time calculation, so the energy consumption is greatly reduced.

As a result, many teams have only approved the advantages of low energy consumption of PoC, and they have begun the "consensus" road. In just three months, on the PoC track, there have been a lot of projects.

Today we will distinguish, what is the difference between Lava and those projects on the market?

First, the token distribution

project name Total amount of issuance Minor distribution ratio other
BHD 21 million 85% 10% development team 5% promotion team
SINOC 420 million 90% 2.5% early recruitment of 2.5% team

5% operation and ecological construction

Newbi About 5.3 billion 100%
Lava About 330 million 93% 2% technical team 2% start-up funds

3% Foundation

In addition to the main currency of the New Zealand without pre-digging, other projects have reserved coins to some extent. It is worth noting that BHD and BHD anonymous development team hold 2.1 million pre-digging BHD. If 5% of the block revenue is to be sent to the promotion team, the actual BHD in the development team is close to 20%. . Once these teams are holding on to the project team with a high percentage of coins, it is innocent for investors.

In contrast, Lava only accounts for 7%, which can be said to be a small project with a small proportion of PoC projects. It is worth mentioning that Lava's initial allocation is done directly in the Genesis Block, without mining output, and is not included in the output ceiling.

Second, the project open source

Blockchain technology can be a large book that can be viewed by everyone, so such a large book requires multiple parties to collaborate. How to quickly establish mutual trust in the process of cooperation? Perhaps the best way to do this is open source. Open source means that the project side will pay more attention to the code quality of the project, minimize the project vulnerabilities, and thus reduce the project development cost to a certain extent; and increase the innovation ability of the project to some extent due to the diversification of the community after the open source.

Those projects that are not open source, but the name of the blockchain, deviate from the spirit of the blockchain, is simply a centralized institution. Projects such as BHD and SINOC that are popular with PoC are not open source. According to project community volunteers, the project is not open source to prevent plagiarism. This kind of argument can be described as a matter of opinion.

For developers, source code is the most direct manifestation of project value. Lava's core development team is a group of technology-loving blockchain geeks who love challenges and don't share. In order to be truly transparent, Lava has open sourced all the code and is committed to building an open source, open decentralized ecosystem.

At the same time, Lava does not carry out ICO or token pre-sale, so Lava has no concept of valuation, and the price of Lava is completely determined by the market.

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Third, the mortgage mechanism

project name Mortgage method Remarks
BHD 1T hard drive mortgage 3 BHD Mortgage coins can get 95% of the proceeds, bare excavation can only get 30% of the proceeds.
SINOC 300-2000 tokens The refund will deduct 5% handling fee.
Newbi Mortgage according to block height Block Height 2000 You need 2,000 coins in your wallet to be SOLO.
Lava "Flint" mechanism; refund due Get the flint by freezing the token.

In the name of the blockchain, it is the business of the fund. Mortgage mining is the main gameplay of the current PoC project, and some eating is simply ugly. Take SINOC, the core business model of the project is to issue tokens from the non-open source blockchain network, and the tokens mortgaged by users before the purchase of computing power is the key to supporting their market value. It is understood that the current Sinoco cloud mining machine has been shut down for 3 months, and the 15W cloud mining machine has been put into operation. The compensation is less than 30 coins, and the calculation according to the existing currency price is nowhere in sight.

The PoC mortgage itself is a funding disk.

Lava adopts the “Flint Consensus”, which is mainly generated by freezing or mortgage Lava, and can obtain double mining rewards by consuming “Flint”. The Lava blockchain is divided by 2048 blocks, and the segmented paragraph is called Slot. The Flint obtained by the user in the N-1th slot is valid only in the Nth (next) Slot. After the Nth Slot is finished, the Flint is automatically abolished, the frozen funds are returned, and there is no such thing as a mortgage deduction. .

Lava is a completely decentralized open source blockchain protocol. The entire network is free to move in and out without restrictions. Lava's improved PoC mechanism (Lava-Firestone) greatly reduces the hardware barriers to maintaining a decentralized network, making it easy and cost-effective for anyone to take advantage of idle storage devices to participate in block forging activities.

* Flint Firestone: The Firestone mechanism innovatively introduces a concept of virtual layering based on Virtual Layering, known as "Firestone."

Fourth, the project vision

project name Project vision
BHD POC consensus mechanism for bitcoin
SINOC Redefining the blockchain platform for the gaming industry
Newbi Realize that everyone can mine, mine at home
Lava The root of trust in the global storage space and the top-level index directory

When BHD concentrates on the mining of bitcoin in the white paper, if you carefully watch the block situation of BHD, we can find that in the past 30 days, the top four mining pools 51P, AW, HP, HD occupied a total of nearly 60% of computing power. This is even worse than the centralization of Bitcoin. There is no corresponding road map in the white paper, or the corresponding plan to avoid centralization.

Well, the concept proposed by Newbi, the foundation on which all PoC projects should be implemented, does not have much room for imagination. SINOC's redefinition of blockchain games in this field, the white paper is a lot of in the market prospects of blockchain games, and the current pain points in the game industry, but how to use the blockchain means to solve but not much.

A large share of pre-mining, mortgages, and projects are not open source. Based on this premise, the so-called project vision is just a change of head to cut the leek.

Lava has always believed that to make a meaningful thing, “meaningful” storage must help to produce real social value. Lava wants to consolidate the global storage space consensus by implementing the PoC consensus mechanism, become the root of a centralized storage ecological trust, and then feed back the accumulated trust value to the trust infrastructure that builds decentralized storage applications and services. It assumes the top-level index of the global storage space (Lava as Top-level Indexing protocol architecture).

Lava's vision, team, and technical support all point to a grand goal of being the root of trust and top-level indexing of global storage space. Therefore, Lava occupies an excellent track for PoC mining + decentralized storage, which has huge room for development.


The price of the currency is not the only criterion for measuring whether the project is worth investing. Focusing on the ecological layout and technical support of the project, you may be able to know the future trend of the project. This is also the investment outside the K-line chart. Lava must be the best choice for investment in the PoC field. Construct a decentralized, root-based and top-level indexing based on the global generalized storage space based on the PoC consensus mechanism.