Using data to prove value, the “blockchain value list” will be released in the World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen

In November 2019, Babbitt will team up with QKL123 to release the “Blockchain Value List” at the 2nd World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen, “Application Unbounded”, and use data to prove value and connect to the future with application.


Preview | Five Lists + Land Application Exhibition, see the value of blockchain in Wuzhen

What is the value of the blockchain?

The answer seems obvious: trust is value .

However, the fact is that when the market value of cryptocurrency fluctuates by 20% and 30%, when the commercial landing project fails to fall into the public eye, when the media has repeatedly asked the "killer application" when it appears, When the voice of a liar occupies the headlines of traffic, when the cruel status of some projects deviates from the beautiful vision of the founding, most people will inevitably have to shake.

"You promised me Mars colonies, instead, I got Facebook." This is definitely not a future we like.

However, don't forget that there are still some people, some projects, some institutions. As stated in the speech of former US President Kennedy "We chose to land on the moon," they chose to go on this road and realize their dreams, not because they are easy, but because they are difficult.

The optimistic Babbitt believes that the blockchain can leave a mark on the history of mankind, a possibility, a hope. It is likely that it will not reach the height of the moon, but it may also – change everything.

This self-confidence guides us to use the rigorous attitude and comprehensive data to find the value of the blockchain, discover these people and projects, and share their results with the utmost respect.

In the "Application Unbounded" Second World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen site, Babbitt will jointly release the "Blockchain Value List" with integrated data service provider QKL123, including five major lists:

  • The most valuable new project list
  • Most valuable exchange list
  • Most valuable wallet list
  • The most valuable mine pool list (POW mining pool, Staking mining pool)
  • Most insightful finder list

At the same time, we will collect and display the outstanding application of blockchains worldwide.

Which projects are most valued? Which exchanges are proud of Qianxiong? Which investment institutions are uniquely eye-catching? Which wallets are the most trustworthy? Which mining machines and mining pools are the most worthwhile to start? Which landing applications represent the mainstream of the industry and link to the business future of the next decade?

The value of the blockchain, in November, look at Wuzhen.

Review | Four characteristics, to create a blockchain "Forbes" list

Last year, Babbitt announced the “Forensic 2019· Blockchain Value List”. We have selected more than 2,000 projects from the world to list the top 7 most valuable application platforms, wallets, and mining pools. 81 projects including Square, Cobo Wallet and Antpool stood out.


( Click to view the topic of "Forensics 2019 Blockchain Value List" and review the previous highlights )

The first "blockchain value list" is unique, it is clean (not commercialized, only use data to speak), transparent (data is open source, standard full transparency), comprehensive (based on industry perspective, select global 1000+ project), The characteristics of guiding the future (50+ dimensional evaluation system, guiding industry learning and research criteria) are unique in the uneven blockchain list, which effectively records the previous era.

This "Blockchain Value List" will adhere to the four characteristics of the first list of clean, transparent, comprehensive and guiding the future. With transparent and open data, scientific and multi-dimensional evaluation system, open and fair attitude, continue to strive to build Blockchain's "Forbes" list!

[About Babbitt]

Founded in 2011, Babbitt is one of the earliest blockchain companies in China. It aims to popularize blockchain technology and spread blockchain concepts, and provides blockchain information and technical services to users. , Chainnode, Matpool and other product lines, developed into a blockchain integrated service platform integrating information, community, data, business incubation and blockchain technology. In 2019, Babbitt was selected as the "Hangzhou Unicorn & Quasi-Unicorn Enterprise List" released by the Third Global Growth Conference.

[About QKL123]

QKL123 (blockchain 123) is a comprehensive data service provider that integrates blockchain URL navigation, digital currency quotes, and blockchain data.

At present, the QKL123 team consists of more than 100 people, consisting of senior blockchain practitioners and developers and researchers from securities, finance, research institutions and other fields. In order to create a faster, more complete and more accurate one-stop data service platform, the data is more intuitive and readable, and the data creates wealth.

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