Gavin Wood: Edgeware is very brave to start the main network, Polkadot main network will be released in Q4 2019 or next year Q1

On September 25th, Edgeware, a well-known ecological project of Polkadot, announced the failure of the "main network" two days after its launch. Gavin told the Odaily Planet Daily that the current technology is still in its early stages. Edgeware did this before Polkadot launched a stable enough main network. The attempt is actually very brave. For the Polkadot development team, if more than 99% stability and security cannot be guaranteed, the main network will not be launched, but Edgeware may only be 50% certain, they are better at the application. Floor. In addition, "Parity participated in Edgeware's Signal Airdrop using ETH in the frozen wallet." Gavin said that it is reasonable. He believes that Edgeware's approach is to fix the frozen ETH property ownership. At present, the Polkadot development team is trying to perfect and trial and error. Maybe in the fourth quarter of 2019 or the first quarter of next year, developers can make some experiments on Kusama and experience the efficiency of Polkadot.