Yunxiang received tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing to promote the commercialization of blockchain technology

Babbitt was informed that recently, blockchain infrastructure service provider Hangzhou Yunxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunxiang) announced the completion of tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing, the investor is Zhejiang Yongsheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yongzheng) ).

After this round of financing, Yunxiang will accelerate the layout of financial technology business, and focus on blockchain security and privacy protection, financial technology vertical industry solutions.

Yong Yong Investment Director Liu Yong said:

The investment cloud image mainly depends on the comprehensive financial technology capabilities such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data that have been formed by Yunxiang, as well as the possession of blockchain infrastructure, blockchain trade finance system and supply chain financial system. Product capabilities such as big data risk control and anti-fraud systems; at the same time, it has formed a head advantage in the financial industry alliance blockchain field, creating the first cross-institutional blockchain infrastructure of China's commercial banking system and the first financial sector in the Internet finance sector. The product issuance alliance chain; at the same time, it has undertaken a number of major projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the first blockchain project of the key research and development plan of Zhejiang Province.

It is worth noting that since the second half of 2018, the blockchain industry has ushered in a cold winter (especially the public chain), and overall there has been no signs of dissipating. The A-round financing that Yunxiang obtained in November 2018 and the financing are in the cold winter.

In this regard, Yun Xiang founder Huang Butian told Babbitt:

The cloud elephant team has always maintained its mission of empowering distributed business. Although the industry environment has not changed in the past year, companies with real commercial value will continue to be recognized by the capital market.

Huang Butian said that in the past year, Yunxiang has continued to promote the construction of vertical industry alliance blockchain, and has made significant progress in the fields of trade finance, tourism destinations, digital education copyright, audio and video copyright, and financial product issuance.

However, Huang Butian does not believe that the blockchain industry will explode in a short period of time. Previously, Babbitt wrote " Dialogue Cloud Image CEO Huang Butian: Blockchain will not break out in the next two to three years ", Huang Butian said that the development of the application of technology has a cycle, can not be done overnight. Just like from POC verification, to the implementation of technical solutions, to the deployment of the line, this is a very long cycle, there is no more than one year of operation cycle, it is unlikely to go online. Therefore, it is only laying the groundwork, and it is difficult for the blockchain to erupt in the next two to three years.

As one of the earliest teams engaged in the innovation of alliance chain technology in China, Yunxiang does not stick to the technical know-how. It believes that the integration of alliance chain and public chain technology is the development trend of blockchain technology . To this end, the cloud elephant team united the Zhejiang University INCAS laboratory, the National University of Singapore NExT and other research institutions, and created the first blockchain infrastructure of the polymer chain architecture, and applied for more than 100 invention patents, published 6 Top papers.

For the future development, Huang Butian told Babbitt that Yunxiang will continue to deepen and promote the commercialization of blockchain technology, so that the blockchain will truly promote the development of the digital economy.