KPMG report: Consumers are accepting to use tokens to shop, and tokenization is leading a new generation of businesses

On September 25th, a blockchain survey conducted by KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms, showed that consumers of all ages are increasingly willing to use tokens to shop. KPMG said the findings highlight the strategic business value of blockchain infrastructure and the opportunities for companies to use the technology for transparent, non-tamperable and frictionless trading. Although only one-third of consumers are very familiar with the definition of this blockchain-based token, most of them (63%) think that tokens are a simple payment method, and 55% think that tokens Will enable them to make better use of loyalty reward points. Arun Ghosh, head of US blockchain at KPMG, said in a statement: "Tokenization is leading a new generation of businesses, and it offers a new way of expecting value classification, both by creating new assets and by reshaping traditions. Assets, supported by the security and transparency of the blockchain. The use of token-based businesses opens the door to new process improvements, revenue streams and customer engagement opportunities."