Anonymous behind LNBIG: The biggest drawback of Lightning Network is that few users are familiar with this network.

The anonymous person behind the lightning network node operator LNBIG accepted an interview indicating that the sum of all local balances in the channel in the LNBIG network was 331.5 BTC. The total capacity of the LN is 832.2 BTC. However, there are 1,800 channels between my nodes, each with a capacity of 0.16. Therefore, the capacity of LNBIG is approximately 40% of the total capacity. The biggest drawback of lightning networks is that few users are familiar with the network. Take Bitcoin network users as an example: there are about 30,000 to 350,000 transactions per day, and there are only about 1,000 lightning networks. If at least a small percentage of people using Bitcoin transfer their transactions to the Lightning Network, they have already made my project profitable.