Currency Ann Shapeshift off BSV, the two sides support the camp conflict continues to intensify

On the evening of April 15th, the Currency Exchange announced that it would release BCHSV (hereinafter referred to as BSV) on April 22nd. The reason for the removal of BSV from the currency mentioned the existence of “immoral/fraudulent behavior” in the project. The reason for the launch of the former star project under the head exchange is directly related to the image that BSV is currently showing in the public.

At the same time, the Kraken Exchange also launched a vote for the BSV, 73% agreed to the shelves, and 7% did not want to go. The shapeshift exchange also decided to remove BSV in two days…

Two months ago, Dr. Craig S Wright (hereinafter referred to as CSW) published an article "I am Nakamoto" and published some evidence to continue to announce that it is the founder of Bitcoin. Ben Cong.

In addition to the BSV camp, the other two factions are not idle. Amaury Séchet, a major developer of the BCH camp, jumped out and said that he is Nakamoto. The Bitcoin Core is also actively promoting the lightning network, saying that this is Nakamoto. The look of bitcoin. This battle for bitcoin's right to speak has not stopped since the beginning of the year, and recently there has been a new fermentation. CSW began looking for people who had beaten him, "after the winter."

Anti-BSV Alliance

Hodlonaut, the creator of the Bitcoin Lightning Network Torch Relay, which had been popular for some time, became the first target of CSW. This relay event gave the Lightning Network unprecedented attention, hundreds of people participated in the relay, and tens of thousands of people participated in the event, not only the celebrities in the currency circle, but even Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) and Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkeIn) ) are involved in the torch relay.

As a loyal supporter of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, Hodlonaut has always believed that CSW is not the founder of Bitcoin, so when CSW claimed to be Nakamoto, Hodlonaut resolutely opposed Twitter and called CSW a liar.

CSW's Twitter has been suspended for a month and cannot be directly responded to on Twitter, so he sent an article through the same BSV camp media CoinGeek, threatening to file a lawsuit against Hodlonaut and ask him to advertise his identity. apologize. At the same time, a reward of $500 worth of BSV was offered, allowing netizens to find out the true identity of Hodlonaut.

Not only that, he also wrote a "Trolls and Bullies", which means that the keyboard man is attacking others with unscrupulous privacy. He advocates BSV to fight this kind of privacy attack.

Under pressure, Hodlonaut cancelled his account, but this turned out to be a catalyst, and those who opposed CSW spontaneously became alliances. Many people changed the Twitter nickname to Hodlonaut, and the avatar was replaced by Hodlonaut's previous avatar. Another member established a donation website for Hodlonaut, with a target of $20,000, and now 999 people have donated nearly $28,000.

Hodlonaut was threatened by CSW, and other CSW opponents have received a lawyer's letter. Twitter Big V Peter McCormack said on Twitter that he received a letter from CSW, and he responded to CSW’s lawsuit, saying “I have prepared 15 lawyers to represent me. Craig Wright is definitely not in the middle. Ben Cong.” And I wrote a letter of apology to Craig Wright, hoping that he would admit his mistake and apologize to the Bitcoin community.

BSVs on multiple exchanges, recharge confirmation extended to 7 days

Among the many CSW opponents, Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the Currency Exchange, is definitely the most well-known one. In the previous lightning network relay relay event, Zhao Changpeng also participated in the torch relay and pushed the activity to a new height.

Hodlonaut once mentioned on his Twitter that Craig Wright’s money to sue him comes from the sale of BSVs on the exchange and lists a number of exchanges, including Coin’s, Bitfinex, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc. He also encourages fans to "contact your exchange and tell them that you don't want to support robbers who threaten community members, you have to get off the shelf!"

On Friday, Zhao Changpeng forwarded Hodlonaut’s indicted tweet on Twitter and said, “Craig Wright is not Nakamoto. If you do this kind of shit, we will be off the shelf (BSV)!” This is Zhao Changpeng’s threat to Craig Wright. Sued Hodlonaut's resistance.

At present, this Twitter has caused a lot of shocks in the currency circle, forwarding more than 4,000 times, and likes more than 15,000 times. Many people have expressed their approval for Zhao Changpeng's behavior. CZ himself also said that "I don't want to be involved in any disputes or team behavior." He also believes that Bitcoin's fall to $6,000 has a very important relationship with Bitcoin.

In the report of foreign media U.Today, Zhao Changpeng’s behavior was described as “threatening the BSV”. Although Zhao Changpeng said in many interviews that he is not willing to interfere in market behavior, this statement will inevitably affect the trading conditions of the BSV, and cause unnecessary losses to investors who do not want to participate in this dispute. He said, "I am not technically team, but I am against fraud. Before signing, everyone is Nakamoto, but Craig Wright is not."

After the announcement of the BSV on the evening of April 15, the market price of BSV plummeted 12% and fell to 13th in the market value. At the same time, the price of BCH soared 12% and rose to 4th in the market value.

CoinBase extended recharge confirmation to 7 days, multiple exchanges considered to be removed

In addition to the threat of the currency security to get off the BSV, Coinbase also quietly joined the anti-CSW alliance. According to the social media @ blockchain scam, Coinbase has quietly revised the BSV recharge confirmation time. Currently, users need to confirm 1008 blocks to complete the transaction after recharging the BSV to the account. According to a block of BSV, it takes 10 minutes to calculate. It takes 7 days to complete a BSV recharge and trade.

In contrast, BCH only needs 12 block confirmations to complete the transaction. The 2 hour and 7 day time gaps have led many investors to doubt the intent of Coinbase. Public opinion believes that this move by Coinbase is to expel BSV tokens from the exchange, which is directly related to Craig Wright's recent threat to sue Hodlonaut.

At the same time, exchanges, including Kraken and Shapeshift, are considering or deciding to remove the BSV. Kraken is voting to decide whether to get off the shelf and has now received 73% support; Shapeshift has decided to remove BSV within 48 hours.

The confrontation between the anti-BSV alliance represented by Zhao Changpeng and the BSV organization represented by CSW continues, and their respective supporters are swindling each other. The anti-BSV alliance has already achieved a lot of achievements, such as the currency. Trading pairs, Twitter public opinion support bitcoin developer Hodlonaut and more.

This battle for the right to speak of bitcoin has hit the present from the beginning of the year. As long as the person who claims to be Nakamoto is unable to prove himself with the most powerful evidence in the blockchain, the dispute will never end.

(Source: block rhythm)