Guosheng Securities: The concept of digital currency is heating up in the secondary market

According to the China Securities Journal, the digital currency concept sector rose more than 6% on September 25, leading the major concept sectors, and most of the constituent stocks in the sector rose sharply. Guosheng Securities pointed out that the concept of digital currency is improving in the secondary market. It is recommended to pay attention to several major links: First, the issue of distribution, focusing on service providers who can help the central bank identify and control the risk of DCEP over-the-counter trading of the central bank; second, distribution links, attention Companies that are expected to become DCEP distribution agencies, such as companies with a large number of enterprise-side merchant resources or payment institutions with experience in personal-end payment services; commercial banks and payment system developers are also worthy of attention; third, users, focusing on networks such as digital wallets Payment agency or technology developer, POS equipment manufacturer, payment security service provider, multi-function ATM service provider, including Hailian Jinhui, Feitian Integrity, Digital Certification, Weishitong, Kelan Software, Easy See shares, Quartet and so on.