Market analysis: the anti-pumping strength is not strong, the decline relay pattern is obvious

On the one hand, the blockchain concept stocks soared, the giants entered the game, and the cryptocurrency represented by BTC broke down. It really formed a situation of two-day ice and fire, and it was really difficult to see. According to the current market environment, the blockchain has an extraordinary significance for the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Everything. After the completion of the 5G construction, a number of super applications will be born, but from the current policy point of view, the currency chain is divided. The attitude of the family is still very determined, so the difference between such scissors is getting bigger and bigger. I am afraid that it will not be long before, and the target in the market will be less than 20%. A large number of air coins and model coins will disappear. Leave a chicken feather and then start the next cycle.


Yesterday, BTC closed a small cross star line, and the transaction volume is still much larger than the previous volume. Personally, the target believes that the target has not stopped falling. It is waiting for 5 antennas to go down and observe whether the target can be renewed. Standing back to the 5 antennas, I personally think that the possibility is relatively small, the market now has a terrible resonance effect, the first Yinxian is very ferocious, I believe that the shorts are coming, it will not stop so quickly, the probability is a few days in this place It will fall along the 5 antennas. As for the next decline, we will have to observe it again. It is only one step away from the support of US$7200-7500 given before. If it can stabilize above $7200, it will confirm 9000. Whether the dollar is effectively broken, but no matter what the trend, it should be cautiously bargain-hunting, the decline is obviously not over, there is only a small amount of counter-pumping, play can be, do not heavy positions, the overall risk-based.


ETH closed a small Yang Xian, but the final trend depends on the face of BTC. In the face of absolute strength, all the bells and whistles are useless. The previous rebound did not change the downward trend, maintaining yesterday's view at $150. This place is obviously not the bottom. Of course, there will be resistance behavior in this place. After completing the falling relay pattern, it is a big probability to pay attention to the risk and pay attention to the risk.


The trend of EOS is similar to that of ETH. Yesterday, a small Yangxian line was also received. However, the individual still thinks that the target may have a double bottom. The target directly penetrates the bottom of the previous period, and the volume is also released for a short period of time. It may not be able to stop falling. The support of the target is around 2.2 US dollars. At this point, there may be resistance, but the rebound will not exceed 3 US dollars. Breaking through 2.2 US dollars will inevitably lead to innovation. This is no doubt. Focus on prevention and control risks.

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