Circle USDC Product Director: Libra represents a huge turning point in the encryption industry

According to EJ Insight, recently, Circle's USDC product director Joao Reginatto said in an interview, "We still have a lot to learn about Libra, but one thing we know, Libra represents a huge turning point in the encryption industry. It is a very positive development towards decentralized platforms and open finance. It marks the beginning to realize that encryption and blockchain technology will reshape the global economic system.” When talking about cryptocurrency regulation, Reginatto said: “Long-term Since then, we have been advocating a clear, forward-looking regulatory framework for encryption. The core view is that digital assets represent a new class of financial assets that are not classified as simple securities, commodities or currencies. Many digital assets At the same time, it occupies multiple categories, depending on their background and purpose. Since digital assets are difficult to classify, we also urge parliamentarians to stop applying the laws enacted in the 20th century to the technologies created in the 21st century."