Ping An Property & Casualty uses blockchain technology to track the entire growth process of cockroaches

According to the North China Net news, on September 19, Ping An Property Insurance Ningxia Branch and Ningxia Zhongning County People's Government and Zhongning Hao Industry Group Co., Ltd. respectively signed a smart poverty alleviation strategic cooperation agreement and a financial support agricultural innovation project cooperation agreement. Liang Xiaodong, general manager of Ping An Property Insurance Ningxia Branch, said that Ping An Property & Casualty passed the intelligent traceability management platform developed by the Ping An Property and Casualty Smart Agriculture Project, and connected the IoT equipment through the blockchain to grow the whole process from the flowering stage to the maturity stage. The environmental information is recorded. At the same time, an online production log is set up for each field, and 10 production processes and specific operators such as planting, planting, irrigation, picking, and picking are monitored and recorded in real time, and finally formed for each package of products. The only traceable certification label.