Deputy Director of New Media Communication Department of Economic Daily News: Subversive technologies such as blockchain objectively provide more technical means for the penetration of harmful information on the Internet.

On September 26, Jiang Fan, the deputy director of the New Media Communication Department of the Economic Daily, issued the article "Improving the "Four Forces" as an Important Hand for Improving the Ability of Public Opinion Struggle." He said that this year is the year of accelerated development of new technologies and new applications of the Internet. The Internet has increasingly become the source of various types of risks, transmitters and amplifiers, and has become the main battlefield, main battlefield and frontier of ideological struggle. Subversive technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, more concealed dark networks, information encryption transmission technology, mirror sites and new penetration technologies, objectively provide information for harmful information penetration. More technical means, the risks of invisibility, inability to control, inability to remove, and laxity are highlighted.