Look at IEO, the dilemma of markets, exchanges, project parties and investors

"IEO's projects are flying, do you want to follow?" Wei Dong entered the currency circle for more than two years. This question confuses the doubts of most practitioners.

In two years, it can be said that witnessed the critical moments of the ups and downs of the industry, and when the industry has a new "trend", they are once again confused. The market is rapidly changing, is this the industry, or is it proof?

The market is rapidly changing, is this the industry, or is it proof?


The market needs to be lively or calm

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, the market has experienced four cycles and has experienced a bull and bear for three years. Data show that at the beginning of 2017, the total market value of the digital currency market was 17.74 billion US dollars, which surged to 559.76 billion US dollars in one year, a 30-fold increase over any return on assets. In just one year, by December 31, 2018, the total market value of global digital currencies fell by 80%, leaving only $130 billion.

We certainly know that economic development is advancing in a cycle of cycles, and where are we currently in the cycle? The consensus on the market is at the bottom of the bear market. Since last year, the blockchain bubble has been ruined. More than a year has passed, and most people are wondering. How long will this time last? The market needs a variety of stimulating means to re-live, or continue to sneak, calmly looking for a qualitative breakthrough?

The industry recovery requires a large-scale application scenario, and the implementation of the application requires technical support.

The current technology of the public chain is still unstable, the scalability is limited, the technology of the chain is yet to be broken, and the efficiency of the consensus mechanism is directly high, which directly hinders the development of the industry. Without these technological advances, it will be difficult to move toward large-scale commercialization. Without large-scale application scenarios, the industry's rising channel is difficult to open. Obviously, the public chain needs technology to be more calm, put more energy into the breakthrough of technology research and development, and find a triangular balance of efficiency, stability and security.

Of course, market activities, business model innovations, etc. are equally important. The new economic model brought by the blockchain is worth studying. How to deepen the application of new technologies and find a suitable application scenario is related to the specific implementation of technology. A large number of market activities will attract more people and capital attention, which is a good thing for the industry. A good mass base is a necessary condition for high flying in the future.

Technology needs to be calm and the market needs to be lively. The current situation is also true, the market and technology are fulfilling their responsibilities, and we must also recognize that in the IEO exploration process, the background color of all participants is anxiety, unless the technology has innovative progress. The excitement of this kind of market can continue, and it will not become a lonely dance.

As an ordinary investor needs to understand, the exchange stands at the top of the industry's food chain, and strives to "heat the market" (IEO) both the development of the industry and its own interests.

Technology needs to be calm, the market needs to be lively


Exchange responsibilities and ambitions

After the ICO burst, the driving force of industry development was transferred from the project side to the exchange, and the transaction controlled the project party's voice, flow and even funds . The industry has fallen sharply, and digital assets have depreciated sharply. It seems that only exchanges can lead everyone to fight the bear winter.

At the beginning of 2019, the currency security took the lead in breaking the silence of the market and erecting the banner of heating the market. Choosing quality projects to carry out IEO on their own exchanges, the opening four or five times the increase quickly attracted the attention of practitioners. Subsequently, many exchanges quickly followed up, and the TOP project of the Fire Coin increased by 20 times. In the early spring season, let the industry feel the warmth of the warmth.

Regarding IEO, everyone is mixed. Some media believe that it is just a non-sustainable marketing campaign initiated by the exchange, and some media believe that it is an innovative attempt by the industry to combat the cold winter. What is worth discussing here is that we should see the difficult reconstruction of the industry when the current bubble bursts. It should also be realized that reconstruction is not just a superficial excitement, but a solid accumulation of bricks and tiles.

There are a lot of problems with IEO, but the exchange’s choice to follow up is at least a double-edged move. (For more discussion, see the previous article "") The first is to obtain traffic, or to guard traffic, the same as the previous on-line contract and other initiatives. The current user belongs to the stock market, and the exchange is constantly fighting, just to have food in the cold winter. The second is the layout of the public chain project that will be launched soon. In 2018, the head exchanges all claimed to develop their own public chain projects, and the results were as follows. The financing of new projects through platform coins will directly increase the platform market value of the platform, and it will force the later project parties to consider developing based on the exchange's public chain. As a result, the exchange's public chain ecology is quickly established with this financing tool, which is better than its own incubation. (For a discussion of the trading public chain, see "")

As an ordinary practitioner, we regard IEO as a multi-participatory innovation attempt is more reasonable, and there may be more similar attempts in the future. We hope that the exchange can use more responsibility to lead the industry to continue in the cold winter, and to create a warm and warm industry.

The blockchain is a new continent, project parties, investors, exchanges, and everyone's life. It is the coming of the winter that brings together many parties. Walking in the ice field, IEO is the exchange that burned the carriage to let everyone warm, and the road behind it is no one knows, but the burned carriage is temporarily unable to come back.

Burned the carriage to make everyone warm, the road behind will be no one knows who


How much participation rights do investors have?

From ICO to STO to IEO, opportunities for individual investors to participate directly are decreasing. Whether ICO is a failed financing model, we still can't draw conclusions, but the current market urgently needs another way to let more people participate in the facts.

While releasing great freedom, the ICO also magnifies the weakness of human nature. Traditional entrepreneurial projects need to polish their own business models, and even have certain profitability, in order to obtain capital support, before they get a lot of investment, they are carefully polished. The injection of funds is more to help grow. The ICO has a huge amount of money in a paper white paper, which is a breeding force for most projects that are far from being formed.

IEO is an attempt. We see that the IEO participants of the currency security are limited by KYC, and the number of successful participants is only a few thousand. The TOP project of the fire coin is also the same, and the decentralized attribute is also significantly weakened. It is still unclear how the subsequent IEO will evolve, but the innovation of participation is an important part of the development of the industry. Whether it is to optimize the mechanism of token release, strict supervision, or a completely new way, the direction should be as far as possible. To enable more people to participate. This is in line with the spirit of the blockchain, and we look forward to more institutional innovation.

For investors, more important than mechanism innovation is self-growth. In the early stage, the practitioners were mixed, blindly following the trend, and most of them did not have their own value judgment. This is also the case, fueling the madness of IEO. Letting yourself become a qualified investor is a must for the development of the industry. Investors who will not grow up will become a thousand-year old leeks, and investors who will grow will resonate with the industry and become a direct promoter of the industry.

The blockchain is a new industry. The follow-up active or passive entry base must be particularly large. The influx of high-end talents and the influx of young people can only be achieved by the older and the unchanging classes. . It is not only the generation gap of the age, but also the divide of the class.

For investors, more important than mechanism innovation is self-growth.


The dilemma and outlet of the project side

The blockchain project was born in the small circle of geeks, which is 1.0 of the industry development. After almost 10 years, the industry has experienced the era of ICO 2.0. The IEO is an exploration of the transition period to 3.0, and the project side has lost its scenery in this process, and it has become more and more passive.


Before the large-scale ICO, most of the projects were still settled to polish the products. In the small and pure entrepreneurial environment, the new sprouts that changed the future were cultivated, and everything looked beautiful. The joy and pain of growing up must be experienced. ICO pushed the project to the top of the mountain and threw it to the cliff. The project side is an adventurer who goes deep into the desert. ICO is just a source of water. They are exhausted, polluted, and mad at the moment to destroy everything. The IEO is like a water purification system developed by the exchange, which controls the water source and takes over the right to speak. The adventurers are caught in the throat.

After experiencing a wave of ups and downs, the project side should return to the right path of R&D. After all, they should be the core driving force for the industry. The blockchain world is still in the primitive society. In the face of the temptation of money, it is necessary to stick to the bottom line, sink and sink, and find the key to the future from the world of technology. Most institutions are still waiting to see the opportunity to get involved in the blockchain. If it is a project party that is serious about doing things, I believe it is not difficult to get financing.

We expect the project side to have more self-discipline and to regain its kingdom with the technical scepter as soon as possible.

The project party should use the technical scepter to recapture its own kingdom.

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