Jiang Guofei: Cross-chain will be the foundation of Wanlian Internet

On September 26th, at the ant blockchain ecological summit, Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Group and president of intelligent technology business group, said that the ant blockchain is dedicated to exploring valuable industry applications, and we hope to have more cooperation. Partners, because they saw the success of business, I believe that in the era of digital economy, we can lead a greater opportunity to promote the prosperity of the industry. Because we see it, we believe that the value of the blockchain can be realized from "Pu", "Hui" and "Warm". . Jiang Guofei elaborated on the practical value of the blockchain from the practical application cases of ant blockchain in the three aspects of Pu, Hui and warm. Jiang Guofei said that cross-chain will be the basis of Wanlian Internet. Live video of the summit, please pay attention: https://www.8btc.com/live/8