mining pool COO Hu Jing: Comprehensive operational capability is an important competitive advantage of the mining pool released its third anniversary carnival on September 25, launching the best new user rate in history, and old users can enjoy more than 10 kinds of hardcore gifts, as well as Apple's family bucket lottery. Mining from the media big V "scientific mining" for the event, the resource binding between mining machine manufacturers and mining pools and the current mining industry competition situation. mining pool COO Hu Jing responded in the circle of friends: "Slang words cloud back to the big tree to enjoy the cool", the positive impact of the company's brand effect on has always been important, but objectively speaking, from the mining pool Since its establishment, the company's vertical diversion is not much, and more let us adapt to the market competition and challenges, so we can have so many excellent market operation partners. also reached the summit in 2017. Many customers don't know that we are affiliated with Bitland and overseas. I would like to thank Sir for the professional analysis and recognition. I just want to say that happiness is hard to come by, and's achievements are far from simple."