Everbright Bank Yang Bingbing: Blockchain is getting closer and closer to commercialization

Babbitt reported on the 26th that the ant blockchain ecological summit was held at the Yunqi Conference. Yang Bingbing, chief business officer of China Everbright Bank and general manager of the Digital Finance Department, said that three changes in technology, customers and macroeconomic forms are driving them to digital transformation. Among them, the blockchain technology reshapes the credit mechanism and reconstructs the basic model of financial interaction. “In 2016, we conducted a blockchain in-house training. At that time, everyone didn’t understand it. I felt that the blockchain was far away from us. Last year, I found only 7 colleagues who understood the blockchain. Last week, the blockchain was carried out. Event registration, more than 100 people have 35 people to sign up, the blockchain is getting closer and closer to commercialization," he said.