Lambda He Xiaoyang: It is foolish to change the white paper, and the blockchain is advancing in exploration.

"The world is chaotic, no one can predict the future. What we can do is to ensure a good result. If you ask for the correct path, do I think it is a bit childish? The company that survived the Internet for 20 years has only a single digit, the currency. The same is true for the circle. The same way as everyone will die, we can only choose different, and do some minority judgment at certain moments. This will be very strange, but it is the key to survival."

At 9 o'clock on the evening of the 20th, the night in Hangzhou was a bit cold. In the lobby of Citigo Hotel, with the blurred lights and non-stop music, I had a detailed talk with He Xiaoyang about Lambda, about distributed storage, about entrepreneurship, He Xiaoyang. Almost all questions and answers, and tray out.

He Xiaoyang founded Blue Ocean Communication OneAPM in 2008, and in 2016 the company landed on the New Third Board. In 2017, he left OneAPM and launched Lambda, a distributed storage project.

In 2018, Lambda, which was benchmarked against Filecoin, took the lead. In December 2018, its token LAMB was on the exchange, which jumped a hundredfold. In 2019, Lambda was mixed, and He Xiaoyang became a topical figure in the currency circle. Recently, this project has been upgraded from a single pass to a dual pass, and the economic model has almost been reinstated.

He Xiaoyang, the serial entrepreneur from the Internet era, the combination of idealism and realism, what is he thinking? How does Lambda's distributed storage path go? WeChat picture _20190926151150_ copy

▲He Xiaoyang

Lambda, the world's first project to make a storage network

"Our vision is to make the world's first distributed storage network, which is not necessarily the best, but the first one ."

The star in the field of distributed storage is the incentive layer project FileCoin based on IPFS (interstellar network protocol), but under the leadership of Juan, this public chain frequently jumps, can not land. He Xiaoyang believes that Lambda is a compromise version of FileCoin, which is more inclined to engineering implementation.

What did Lambda do?

He Xiaoyang said that in 2018, only one thing was done – the Space Time Proof Algorithm (PoST). The algorithm is based on Data Integrity (PDP) and Certificate of Restoration (POR), and its value is to ensure that data is stored in the Lambda system in a secure and reliable manner. In 2019, the main network was launched.

The Lambda main network is divided into three modules. First, there is a consensus network with block nodes, which uses the VRF+BFT consensus algorithm; second, the storage network consists of storage miners; and third, a space-time proof algorithm. The miner submits the integrity of the stored data through the space-time proof algorithm. The nodes of the consensus network are responsible for verification, and the miners are paid (Token) when the miner is confirmed to complete the storage task.

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In September, the Lambda Consensus Network was launched, and there are currently about 60 nodes. Before the end of October, the storage network went online. At present, there are about 10,000 storage miners. After October, the main network is officially launched. After that, the entire Lambda system is up and running into normal operation.

It has similarities to Ethereum 2.0. Ethereum 2.0's Beacon is a consensus network based on PoS. The 2014 segment is a working network, responsible for accounting, and finally submitted to the beacon chain for synchronization. There are also three modules.

"In PoW, the consensus and work are on the same chain. This link can't work (low efficiency). If you want the system to do some work, such as storage, you need to adjust its consensus."

In He Xiaoyang's view, the current blockchain ecology is biased towards finance and data. Lambda is to isolate the digital world and integrate storage, network, computing power and data into the blockchain ecosystem. The launch of Lambda's main network is of great significance and value. First, prove that distributed storage is reliable. Second, the consensus network + storage network + space and time proof can inspire more people to do more innovation. Other public chains can refer to such a structure.

The double pass was born, and the economic model was reinstated.

In Lambda's previous white paper, it is a single pass public chain, that is, only LAMB, after the storage network is online, it will give birth to the second pass – TBB.

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He Xiaoyang believes that the single pass is problematic.

First, the digital currency fell under the single pass without brakes. The tokens fell, the computing power fell, and the users sold further, and the fluctuations would be very intense.

Second, the single pass cannot simultaneously assume both circulation (currency attributes) and ownership (equity attributes) functions. The former is similar to the currency, and the latter is similar to equity and dividends.

“Hayek said in the “Nationalization of Money” that the depreciating currency will definitely be eliminated by the market. When you put the currency attribute and the equity attribute on a Token, it will inevitably fall, because any equity will sell Bringing the price of the currency down."

He Xiaoyang believes that the single pass is valid only when it does not carry some kind of actual business. Bitcoin and Monroe are the same. They are money and do not represent other interests. If the general certificate assumes a certain function in the public chain, the single pass will not work well.

Taking Lambda as an example, the storage miner provides storage space and has the right to mine, and the user has to purchase the storage space to obtain the right to use. This is the case where the double pass is obviously required.

"We are essentially a business system. The business is to provide storage. Digital currency is just a medium and tool in me. The blockchain is the technology I use. We don't want to make digital money ourselves. We are going to provide storage services. ”

For this reason, Lambda began to “transform” a year later, LAMB is responsible for circulation, and TBB is the digital currency that anchors storage resources, corresponding to the storage capacity and storage mining rights of miners in the storage network.

"The public chain is not really going to land, purely an air coin, then you can't use the double pass, you can't feel this. No previous digital currency was used in the business system, storage is the first ""

He Xiaoyang even thinks that the double pass is not necessarily perfect. Storage involves deferred delivery, and users purchase one month of storage. He is not a one-time payment, but a small monthly payment. In this process, the LAMB responsible for circulation will have fluctuations, which will cause conflicts between the supply and demand sides. In fact, in other models, the tokens responsible for circulation are more like stable coins and need to maintain a stable price.

It is foolish to change the white paper, and the blockchain is advancing in exploration.

From the single pass to the double pass, can the public chain change like this? He Xiaoyang said: "Everyone thinks that we are always changing, but we need dictatorship, we have to bear enough responsibility. The main online line is a sign, and everything will be decided by the vote afterwards."

He Xiaoyang also believes that Lambda's technical route has not changed, only the economic model has changed.

"Technically we have encountered many challenges. I once suspected that I had written a bunch of junk codes, but today we found that the cows that were blown at the time could be realized, and the awareness of economic incentives was not enough." He Xiaoyang said that distributed storage is not Easy, the star project FileCoin has not been completed, in addition to the huge workload, there is the difficulty of predicting the work, this is a very realistic challenge.

"In 17 years, everyone felt that the white paper could not be changed. It is very stupid. Who can guarantee that it is always correct? For a project, the most important thing is that you are right now, right in history. So important. We will not stick to the wrong path."

“The blockchain must be advancing in exploration, including academic, financial, and technical. No one can predict everything, it is essentially a chaotic system. Although the public chain can have so-called years of planning But in fact, many of the assumptions I have seen in the past are wrong. But I think it can always get better. It is more like a self-organized living group. "

Cryptocurrency mining rack with graphics cards

▲Distributed storage requires hard drive mining

Seven Ecology, Lambda's Distributed Storage Landing Tour

"What we need to do is to say how to make each of our Tokens valuable."

In order to make Lambda more valuable, He Xiaoyang designed the seven ecosystems of Lambda. They are application landing, investor cooperation, partners, project groups, nodes and consensus summits, partner nodes and miners.

Lambda gave a data, and the application has 67 subscribers. The investor has 23 institutions. The number of partners is about 10. The program includes four, including the Kangbo Exchange. There are 60 consensus nodes. There are about 30 partner nodes. The storage of miners in the custodial storage space is about 10,000, of which the storage space provided by the miners has reached 320 PB.

These seven ecosystems cover the complete development stage of Lambda. It can be seen that miners and consensus nodes are the basis of the public chain. The partner node is not a true node. It is more like an ecological builder of the market and does not participate in the consensus. Consensus summits complete true community governance, and investors and partners are partners in the ecology. He Xiaoyang hopes to start from these seven perspectives and finally promote the landing of Lambda, a distributed storage union.

He Xiaoyang said that unlike purely giving the community to improve the ecology, Lambda tends to be a demo, and then let the partners innovate and improve the ecology based on the Demo.

For example, how to make distributed storage work? Lambda's preferred direction is 2B business. In the Internet finance field, enterprises have the need to store cold backup data (such as archived logs), cloud storage is too expensive, and tape storage is easy to lose. Lambda can take over the storage needs of this market segment. Pacific Insurance, Minsheng Bank, etc. are all Lambda partners.

For example, they will launch an electronic network disk based on distributed storage with the partner Fang Fangyun, which is a blockchain version of the Baidu cloud disk.

For example, in order to let LAMB flow, they and the Turbo Network, Kangbo Exchange, Hydra and other projects to form a project group to promote ecological development.

Chaotic world, the pursuit of correct results, not the process

" I think the blockchain 3.0 is now, at least 6.0, 7.0, or even 8.0, distributed storage will really work."

In He Xiaoyang's view, distributed storage lacks good technology on the one hand, and on the other hand it is related to market demand.

"When you are calling your personal data, for example, if your data value is $100, you will naturally save it to distributed storage, but unfortunately we have not yet reached that stage. We must be ahead of the distribution storage."

“Today, the blockchain is subject to technology and has many bottlenecks. But it is not completely old technology, not nothing to do, but too many things to do. We hope to go through Lambda’s technology. Step, let everyone see that at least Lambda is not the same."

In 2019, the market had some negative news about Lambda and even He Xiaoyang. Faced with this problem, He Xiaoyang is quite open. He said: " The first thing we can do is to live. The second is to stay in the car for a long enough time. Third, we think that the world is chaotic, no one can predict the future, we are pursuing the correct result.