Data Analysis: BTC contract positions on the three major exchanges fell slightly BTC/USD Coinbase maintained a negative premium on Bitfinex

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 18:00 on September 26, BTC price is $8,440.82, market value is $151,215.11M; mainstream exchange 24H BTC transaction volume is about $986.43M, which is 56.87% lower than yesterday; BTC active address is slightly The decline and the trading volume on the chain fluctuated smoothly. The time of the block was about 8.7min. The market value accounted for steadily fluctuation, which is about 68.3%. The BTC 30-day ROI continued to decline. In terms of futures, the Bitcoin contract positions of OKEx, Firecoin and BitMEX The volume decreased slightly compared with yesterday, and the proportion of OKEx Bitcoin elite long positions increased; on the exchange side, the intraday BTC/USD Coinbase maintained a negative premium for BTC/USD Bitfinex. UTC On September 25, in the case of a small decline in Bitcoin, the mainstream currencies that had fallen more in the previous period rebounded. Due to the increase in volatility, although the trading volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum decreased compared with the previous day, the transaction was still active.