Irish Finance Minister: “Be cautious about Libra” but does not object to relevant regulations need to go ahead

According to AMBCrypto today, Irish Finance Minister Michael D 'Arcy spoke in an interview about Libra, the blockchain and their impact on Ireland's fiscal strategy. D 'Arcy admits that stable currency such as Libra is a challenge, adding that while some government and finance departments are opposed, Ireland is only cautious. He said: "We are cautious. As a minister, I have a deeper understanding of this issue. I am very cautious about the stability of the currency and Libra. The Irish central bank regulators are also cautious. Only when necessary, supervision will be shot Libra is not yet available, so the regulatory rules have not been caught up, but it is definitely not the case, but in the end it must be in the forefront. I saw the benefits of Libra for consumers, which is why we are very cautious. Libra's theory is very good. It seems to be effective, but in practice we have not seen how it will work. Technology exists, we have to learn how to apply it, how to supervise it, and make it a positive rather than a negative force." At the same time, D 'Arcy also said that the benefits of stable currency will be understood and accepted internationally. However, the challenges they pose to government and monetary policy cannot be ignored.