Encrypted Bank Sygnum Supervisor: Encryption Banking has great potential

According to AMBCrypto, Peter Wuffli, former CEO of UBS and head of encryption bank Sygnum, said in an interview recently that he is very confident that distributed ledger technology and digital assets can make financial markets more efficient. Wuffli said the encryption market offers plenty of opportunities to mobilize funds and talent, and highlights the opportunities for encrypted banking services. Just last month, Sygnum and SEBA received a banking license from Swiss regulators, making it one of the first companies to offer encrypted banking services. Wuffli added: "DLT is an accounting system that ensures traceability and correctness, and can create control through consensus among the parties. This is better than the hierarchical chain controlled by centralized institutions. I think this is very powerful. "Wuffli also suggests that people should be cautious and should not overestimate the role of technology. Investors must make the right judgments about risk and return before investing in encryption technology, just like any other asset class.