Boka experimental network Kusama upgrade to CC2, nodes need to upgrade to version 0.6.0 cross-chain project

Polkadot founder Gavin Wood today announced that the Boca Experimental Network Kusama will be upgraded from Kusama Chain Candidate 1 (CC1) to Kusama Chain Candidate 2 (CC2). Three weeks ago, Boka launched Kusama CC1, and plans to release CC2 after several core issues are fixed. Technically this will be a brand new chain, so all participating nodes need to be upgraded to Polkadot version 0.6.0, before CC1 The transaction history on it will also be injected into CC2. So Gavin Wood thinks CC2 can be considered a hard fork of CC1. For Kusama users, there is nothing to change, and things that were done on CC1 will remain on CC2. The Polkadot team will continue to monitor the Kusama network and the number of certifiers. When they grow to a certain amount and the consensus algorithm is relatively stable, they will initiate a PoA upgrade to PoS consensus.