Analysis: The inflow of funds in the futures market is accelerating, and the signs of bearishness are still obvious

BFX.NU research members said that although the market is rebounding in an overall way, the rebound in bitcoin is not obvious, and many rebounds are subject to upward pressure, so the market bullish sentiment remains depressed. From the perspective of the flow of funds in the evening, the size of Masukura in the futures market has increased significantly. The short position is the main position of the position, but the longs have also obtained good returns. The XLM contract has increased by about 12.15% today, and the long-term maximum return is expected to be 243%. Going full. In the mainstream currency futures sector, XLM, ELF, IOST, ATOM and other 13 contracts have obvious short-term Masukura, while NEO, ETH, BSV and other six contracts have suffered short-term lightening; platform currency futures sector, BNB contract short-term Masukura is obvious There are about 126.5 million Masukura scales, and the short position is the main position of the position, while the HT contract of the same sector has returned to the normal long and short range.