Ant blockchain releases the latest cross-chain product ODATS, and the cross-chain communication infrastructure is ready to go

On September 26th, the ant blockchain ecological summit was held at the Yunqi Conference. At the meeting, the ant blockchain released the ODATS (Open Data Access Trusted Service) cross-chain product, which will build a cross-chain communication infrastructure and carry Blockchain value network. This also means that the alliance chain has also embarked on the road of 10,000-chain interoperability.

About ODATS cross-chain products, the technical director of the ant Jinfu blockchain platform department, Zhang Hui, head of the blockchain laboratory of Alibaba Dharma Institute, gave a brief introduction. Through this sharing, how much can you know the cross of the ant blockchain? Chain layout.

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WeChat screenshot_20190926225343 ▲ Zhang Hui, head of the blockchain laboratory at Alibaba Dharma

We believe that the blockchain is now in the rapid construction phase of “LAN”. In the future, cross-chain is the basis of Wanlian Interconnection. Then, how is the routing between LAN and LAN, and the technical form between end-to-end networks will be ? ODATS is an answer given by the ant blockchain.

ODATS, the full name of Chinese is "open data access trusted service", which provides alliance chain users with cross-chain service capabilities based on smart contracts. Through ODATS, Ant Financial Service can give blockchain and alliance chain users low cost. Security and cross-platform interoperability , from the information islands flowing within a LAN to the interconnection between external multi-chains, will achieve a broader flow of trust value.

At the same time, through ODATS technology, we will also provide users with more flexible blockchain design capabilities. To build a bridge between each enterprise user's own enterprise collaboration network and industry collaboration network. Technically, we offer a common programming language that enables more diverse cross-chain R&D. At the same time, we can realize the security and credibility of data in the process of trust flow between two LANs. ODATS products will provide heterogeneous chain interoperability for multiple types of blockchain platforms.

WeChat picture_20190926223920

This is a simple architecture diagram of our entire product. It includes the components in the chain and under the chain. The cross-chain can see the shape of the core network router. It provides the link between the chain and the chain based on trust neutrality. Data settings and network routing. Based on security technology, we will provide information connectivity between the two ends not only between the chain and the chain, but also the credible delivery of various diverse external data sources to the chain.

As a value IoT, we need a complete cross-chain certification system. We provide UDAG full-stack cross-chain protocol components at the bottom, MYTF for the intelligent contract-based chain, and a new self-developed trusted hardware smart contract. Calculation engine.

In the chain, we define the underlying TCP interface of the CTP protocol between the end and the end. At the same time, our application-oriented development will provide cross-chain assets and relay services for cross-chain transaction management.

As I mentioned earlier, adapting the underlying data diversity of the blockchain, we have developed adaptation components for various heterogeneous chains for ant blockchains. We have been validated in large-scale traceability scenarios and digital asset flow scenarios.