Ant Financial Service Jiang Guofei's latest speech: Within one year, there will be a batch of thousands of live applications in the blockchain.

On the afternoon of September 26, at the site of the 2019·Yunqi Conference-Ant Block Chain Ecology Summit, Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Financial Group and President of Intelligent Technology Group, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Wan Chain Connected to Build a Trust Society”. Jiang Guofei said that with the rapid digitization of various industries, the blockchain will become the infrastructure for building trust mechanisms and provide a very good foundation for online asset transfer. Just like in the electrical age, electricity consumption is a sign of prosperity. In the Internet age, the amount of users online is a sign. In the digital economy era, the amount of the chain will be an important indicator of the digital economy.

Based on this, Jiang Guofei expects that the application of the daily load will be slowly appearing. The ant blockchain is ready. In the past few years, the ant blockchain has insisted on independent research and development, and has been polishing the core technology to precipitate the financial-grade blockchain engine. The ant blockchain can provide a financial platform of 1 billion accounts and 1 billion daily transactions, and develops a platform encryption algorithm that is 6 times ahead of the industry to ensure privacy.


The following is the full text of Jiang Guofei's speech, Babbitt finishing:

In the era of digital economy, with the progress of the Internet of Things, data, and computing technology, all walks of life are rapidly digitizing. Very interestingly, in the process of digitizing the physical world, we also saw a lot of data being assetized and generating a lot of digital assets. In this era, the blockchain will be the infrastructure for building trust mechanisms, providing a very good foundation for online asset transfers.

In the past two decades, we have seen a very prosperous information network. On the Internet, a large number of information such as pictures and videos have been circulated on the Internet. Two people who do not know can connect through the information network. Today, we can use blockchain technology to build a brand new value network. The value network is DT, and after the data assetization, a large number of valuable production assets, such as warehouse receipts, bills, contracts, accounts receivable. Will flow on the value network.

On the basis of the digital book, we see a more ambitious contract network. Smart contracts play an important role in the blockchain. It acts like a gear to allow seamless cooperation and professional distribution between the parties, people, machines and institutions. In the end, a trusting and extremely efficient contract society will be built.

As a simple example, many cities have launched mobile payment apps to pass through the subway mill. The problem has arisen. When I travel from one city to another, the subway APP in Shanghai can't be used in Hangzhou. Alipay and ants cooperated to launch cross-city cooperation to realize the interconnection of the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai APP can run to the Hangzhou Metro to brush the subway through the gate.

Because of the application of blockchain technology, we know how many people have gone from Hangzhou to Shanghai, completed the over-rolling from the local APP to another city, and completed the automatic settlement. For two yuan in the subway, we can see how much money is automatically allocated to the Shanghai app, how much money to the Hangzhou subway.

From such figures, we can see that our passengers (people), rolling mills (machines), and subway companies (institutions) seamlessly and cooperatively distribute each other to form a very efficient distribution.

As an industry leader, the ant blockchain believes that we have been polishing core technologies for several years and found valuable commercial applications to lead the development of the entire industry. Today, we hope that more partners will see the great opportunities we face in the digital economy era and jointly promote the prosperity of the industry because we see the success of business.

Next, I would like to share the application of the three blockchains of Pu, Hui and Warm that we and our customers have created in the past year to jointly see the core value that the blockchain brings to us.

In Zhejiang, we support the Zhejiang Finance Department, the Provincial Health and Health Commission, and the Medical Insurance Bureau to jointly create electronic bills. In the case of ensuring privacy, the bills are automatically transferred in all parties to ensure that the parties complete the application logic on a non-tamperable basis. Many people ask me why I can't use a central database? Because each party has its own different logic, someone is responsible for collecting taxes, someone is responsible for medical insurance, and someone is responsible for injury insurance. Only after the medical insurance is completed, there is a claim for injury insurance. In the past, people took paper bills in all aspects. Today, in the ant blockchain, insurance claims have been reduced from the previous half a month to a few minutes or even a few seconds.

At the same time, in order to solve the problem of financing difficulties for small and micro enterprises, the network merchant bank has a very successful "310 mode". With the ability of ants' data risk control, it can do three minutes to fill in the information, one second of loan, zero intervention. Ant Financial launched the dual-chain "blockchain + supply chain" network, allowing end-small SMEs to obtain financing in seconds.

In Chengdu in August this year, we worked with Chengdu Bank to allow individual small owners to get bank credit financing. Such small and micro enterprises have 70 million in the country. Through the dual-chain platform, we can solve the problem of financing difficulties for small and micro enterprises.

At the same time, the ant blockchain has also joined the road of Ali's ecological technology to alleviate poverty. Many poverty-stricken counties in China have very high-quality agricultural products. The ant blockchain cooperates with the government to ensure the original product brand and trace the production and marketing. Quality products are sold on Tmall after being traced through the whole process, which is basically in short supply. An obvious example is our cooperation with Anhui Lushan, a poor county in China. It is famous for its yam pears and has sold 3 million tons of pears in cooperation with Tmall for six days.

The amount of wind will be an important indicator in the digital economy era

Yesterday I just signed a contract with Bayer, the world's largest pesticide company, and the oldest agriculture merged with the new blockchain. There are still many examples of this. In the past few years, the ant blockchain has landed almost 40 scenarios . We are delighted to see that industry collaboration networks are emerging, which will eventually carry and build the foundation of value Internet.

Just like in the electrical age, electricity consumption is a sign of prosperity. In the Internet age, the amount of users online is a sign. In today's digital economy era, the amount of the chain will be an important indicator of the digital economy. On this basis, our entire ecology can better promote the development of the industry.

In the foreseeable future, the application of tens of millions of daily activities will slowly appear . This tens of thousands of days of life brings huge technical challenges, not only requires large-scale network performance, but also needs to solve the security of blockchain data. And privacy issues, but also to solve the problem of computing costs, cross-chain connectivity and other core technical issues.

Ant blockchain provides 1 billion accounts and 1 billion daily transactions

In the past few years, the ant blockchain has been insisting on independent research and development, and has been polishing the core technology to precipitate the financial-grade blockchain engine. Today we can provide 1 billion accounts and 1 billion daily trading financial platform in the ant blockchain, followed by a scalable consensus network, double-layer network, efficient intelligence and contract engine to support. At the same time, we know that the encryption algorithm in the blockchain platform is very high frequency. We have developed a platform encryption algorithm that is 6 times ahead of the industry to ensure privacy.

As we all know, the data structure of the blockchain cannot be tampered with, and the storage will continue to grow with time. We have increased storage IO on a large scale, while reducing storage systems by 50% , and developed 100,000 TPS multi-chain, cross-chain services . All technologies provide good technical support for our large-scale network and large-scale uplinks. .

In the past year, we have been recognized by many authoritative organizations such as Garter, IDC, Forbes, and the Internet World Congress, Zhejiang Science and Technology Department. We just won the IDC Financial Technology Award in New York, and we are also the only technology platform in the industry that is certified by the Internet.

All technological advances are creating new business opportunities, and Ant Financial and Alibaba are very focused on serving small businesses. The customer we serve is e-sign, and we have a contract with more than 4 million certificates every day. In the past five months, 600 million contracts have been deposited on the ant blockchain platform, saving a total of 10 million yuan.

At the same time, another customer is the online 3C product leasing company “Lease Ge Liang”. Through the use of the ant blockchain blockchain exemption service, the user conversion has increased 6 times and the order has increased 3 times in a few months. The tail is increased by 2 times.

There are many such examples. We have connected a large number of partners, and the chain will be well-connected . From the technical verification of the earliest blockchain, to the pilot of the products in the previous two years, and to the construction of the local network of industry collaboration today, no matter between the upstream and downstream, or between the peers, more data and assets flowed in the chain, improving The synergy of the entire industry and the realization of the value chain.

Cross-chain technology will be the foundation of Wanlian Internet

Looking into the future, these local cooperative networks of all walks of life will gradually connect, and finally we will see the value Internet era of Wanlink Internet. Cross-chain technology will be the basis of Wanlink Internet, and today it is very happy to release the development of ant blockchain ODATS cross-chain products.

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