Beijing News: 2019 is the year of public chain competition, blockchain ushered in commercial applications

Wang Wei, a researcher at the Smart Beijing Research Institute of the Beijing News, "The Public Chain Competition Opens the 2.0 Era Blockchain Welcomes Commercial Applications." It is mentioned in the article that whether it is to establish a new application in blockchain technology or to transfer a traditional Internet enterprise to a blockchain, in essence, the information service provided by the blockchain is a special Internet information service. . Obviously, the blockchain needs practical application. The landing of the blockchain industry is ultimately the establishment of the underlying public chain ecology in commercial scenarios. As the foundation of the blockchain industry, the public chain industry supports the progress and development of the entire industry. Some people believe that 2019 is the year of public chain competition. In the long run, public chain ecological construction is a huge market, a market closer to commercial applications and users. It can be seen that as long as a burst of public chain applications can be found, the rise of the blockchain is just around the corner.