China's blockchain patent applications exceeded 10,000: Alibaba ranked first, and Shenzhen's application number still ranked first

According to the inter-chain pulse news, as of September 26, according to the "blockchain" keyword search on the innojoy platform, it has been observed that 10005 Chinese invention patents have been applied for, and the number of patent applications for blockchains in China has officially broken. Among them, Alibaba still ranked first, applying for 534 blockchain patents. Followed by Unicom and complex beauty, the number of patent applications for blockchains with 212 and 196 items ranked second and third respectively. According to statistics, among the top 10 companies in the blockchain patent application (the two are tied for the tenth), six are located in Shenzhen, three in Beijing, and two in Hangzhou. At the same time, Shenzhen City is still in the first place according to the total number of patent applications applied by enterprises in various regions. From a time perspective, the momentum of China's blockchain patent applications in 2019 does not seem to be as rapid as in 2018. This year, three-quarters of the total number of patent applications is less than half of the total in 2018. It can be seen that this year's blockchain R&D output seems to have a certain degree of reduction this year.